How can you forget about your ex and start being happy again?


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Although this may sound like a cliche, it is true; Find something that really makes you happy. It might be picking up a new sport, learning to paint, cooking, learning a new language, reading, writing or any number of things. The key is to find something that you enjoy so much that it completely absorbs you. This should not be something that you and your ex did together, but something that is "all about you." Human nature is to enjoy doing things that you are naturally good at. So, in addition to distracting you from thinking about your ex and allowing yourself to do something you really enjoy, it will also help rebuild your confidence! I have been there before and I truly believe that this is the best way to overcome the pain. Also, make sure that you get rid of reminders of them. You don't necessarily need to throw everything away (I know that some people advise this, but I like to keep those things,) but hide them somewhere. Don't look at them. Keep them in the attic of top of the closet or in a shelf in the garage. Don't look at it until you have pretty much forgotten that it was there at all, and you somehow manage to "discover it." By that time, it will contain happy memories and nothing more. You will have moved on by then...forget the guy and find the dude you were cheating on him with, get together and have a back up for when this new guy dumps you!


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talk with her/him and let them know that you dont like them talking about you and if they wont stop just ignore it and dont be their friend anymore, if they do then forgive and forget about it and start being friends again.

You just forget about that person.And start over again Find something that you really enjoy doing and do it. Volunteer, call friends and make plans to go out, get a new hobby, etc. Be happy with who you are and remember to count the blessing that you have and don't focus on what you don't have.

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You can start by not thinking about him or not mentiong him at all th less you think about him the more you will forget him.

you start to think about something else that you want to think about... well that helps me

You ignore him. Tell him he is being immature as nicely as possible and then walk away. If he is someone who really cares about you he will start being nice to you again. If he doesn't, then you don't need someone like that in your life.

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This is really a personal choice. Just be sure that you are not on the rebound and doing this because you are angry at your ex and you want to show him/her up. Also, you should take your kids thoughts into consideration but not to the point where it stops you from being happy.

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