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How can you gain back your boyfriend's trust if he found out you recently emailed your ex and now he's jealous and doesn't trust you even though it was innocent?



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Ok This is my question, My bf and I lice together. The relationship with the ex was not serious, we were basically friends calling it a relationship. That was actually why we broke up, because we didn't like each other like that. My bf keeps saying that he just can't quit thinking about it. He broke up with me at first. He asked me to come back. He then started asking all the time. He finally came out and said between the lines that I was being an unfaithful slut(he didn't actually say slut). I SLAPPED him across the face and left, went to a friends house. He kept calling me and crying saying he believes me now. I asked why and he said because 'no matter how mad you got at me you never admitted to cheating, so I know that you are telling the truth'. We get back together and now he is still asking me if I cheated and saying he can't stop thinking about it. I want him to believe me and to tust me. I didn't cheat on him he thinks I did.