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1You could get 220-240V from using the two live ["hot"] wires rather than one live and one neutral. 2Tim, Industrial control Transformers are available to get 120 volts from 277 volt systems. If you feed one of these with 120 volts to the secondary coil, it will put out 277 volt from the primary. However, these are rare and are not cheap. If you are trying to use surplus 277 volt fluorescent lights on a 120 volt system, it would be cheaper to replace the ballasts in the fixtures. Another approach would be to use an autotransformer with a 240 volt primary and a 32 volt secondary. If you feed it with 240 volt and wire it to boost +32 volts that will give you 272 volt which should run the lights. But again, you are looking at $60 - $100 for one circuit of lights. 3If you have access to three phase power..... Phase to ground on a 480v 3 phase system is 277v.
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Q: How can you get 277V from residential service?
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