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How can you get a 2000 Mustang started if the key will not turn?

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The steering is locked.What you need to do to unlock it is to just turn the wheel a little bit as you turn the key and the ignition and the steering wheel will free up.

2015-07-15 18:21:24
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How to start a 2000 Mustang without transponder key?

You don't

Ignition key wont turn on in 2000 cavalier?

turn key over turn key over

1988 mustang Why when you turn the key to start the engine there is a ticking noise?

your battery is dead

How to unlock steering on a 2000 chrysler 300m?

Insert key and turn to run position.Insert key and turn to run position.

Program key remote 2007 mustang?

Program key remote 2007 mustang?

What is wrong when the ignition locks up on a Ford Mustang?

ingnition switch locks up on 2003 Ford Mustang and only way car will start is if you can turn steering wheel back and forth to get ignition key to turn

How do you get the ignition key out of the switch on 2000 neon?

... Turn the key and pull towards the passenger side.

How can you disable the anti theft system on 2002 ford mustang coupe?

To disable the anti-theft system on a 2002 Ford Mustang Coupe, place the key in the ignition and turn it slightly. Be sure not to turn the car on. Let the key stay in that position for 10 minutes before starting the car.

Why does your car turn off automatically after started?

We have a 2000 and lost the keys, had new ones made. Apparently there is a code inside the key and your car wont stay on if they key doesnt have the code. so if you just got a replacement key that might be the problem

Why do you have to turn the key twice to get the car started?

Low fuel pressure

How do you reset brake service light in a 2000 Chevrolet suburban?

turn key to on. press gas pedal three times. turn off key. this resets light. turn key to on. press gas pedal three times. turn off key. this resets light.

Your 2001 ford mustang will not turn over what could be wrong with it?

well it could be a fuel pump.....u should be able to hear the fuel pump turn on when u turn the key.....or its a starter

How do you remove idiot light on 2000 silverado?

turn key on, hit gas three times, turn key off ,start truck it should be cleared

How to get the key to turn in a 2000 chrysler concord?

spray some WD 40 on the key. Try and turn. If it still won't turn, spray a little of the WD 40 in the key slot. It should turn with ease. Spray key every other month and insert to keep cylinder lubricated.

Why doesn't the ignition key turn in the Pontiac 2000 Grand Prix?

The steering wheel may be putting pressure on the key mechanism. When trying to turn the key, also try to turn the steering wheel one way or another.

2000 Alero the key won't turn what do you do?

Go to the dealer. check starter

Why does your ignition key not turn on your 2000 Plymouth Breeze?

Had the same problem with my 1999 Breeze, all I had to do was spray the key 10w40.

Security light 2000 Pontiac grand am What is the fix?

Turn the key to the on position, wait ten minutes, then it will turn over.

What causes a 2000 Ford Fiesta not to start?

You need to put a key in the ignition and turn it.

Why does my 2000 Passat keep running when I turn off the key?

your timing is not set right

Where is the car started?

you turn the key, key crosses solenoild, solonoil turns starter on the flywheel, which is attached to the crankshaft at the rear of the engine

How can you use your panic key to lock your 2000 dodge durango?

i have a dodge durango 200 but one of my key got lost and if i use my spere key it only turn the alarm on but i cant turn alar there a way to do it?

2000 Chevrolet venture no keys I have a key from the dealer. how to program it.?

Programming a new cut key is easy. Take the original key and insert it into the ignition switch and turn the ignition on. Then, turn it off and remove the original key. You then have 15 seconds to insert the new key and turn the ignition on. Leave it on a few seconds and then turn it off and remove it. That's it. You should be good to go with the new key now. I was.

Why can't you get your key to turn for your 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo after shutting it off is there a reset?

Turn the wheelMake sure the steering wheel is not locked. Try turning the steering wheel a little and then turn the key. no it didn't

Key want come out ignation 2000 ford focus?

Key "wont", lol.... try turning the stirring wheel as u turn the key, good luck