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Sometimes you have to go through your principal. You may need to get a petition going too, I signed one for my highschool. And for some schools at the beginning of the year they have a place to register new clubs. It just depends on your school. Good luck, I hope it works out. :)

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Q: How can you get a Gay Straight Alliance at your High School?
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Is gay straight alliance only for gay people?

No. If that were true, it would be called the gay gay alliance.

Is Nicholas Antonio gay?

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How do you start your own gay club?

How to start a new gay-straight alliance

What are the ratings and certificates for Once and Again - 1999 The Gay-Straight Alliance 3-14?

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How do you get a boyfriend if you're gay in highschool?

If your school has a gay-straight alliance join it! Clubs like that are an ideal way to meet other young gay/bi men. Otherwise, just talk to people and be yourself. You will meet a great guy eventually!

How do you support gay?

You could do something as involved as joining or even starting a group for gay rights or a gay-straight alliance, or just simply sticking up for a gay person who is being teased at school or on the street. Basically, to help gay people, just do what you would to support anybody else.

What do you do if you are a gay teen and want to be straight?

You can't change from gay to straight, but you can be a happy person. Choose a college in a gay-friendly city, and you will feel much better about yourself. You definitely don't have to come out as gay until you are ready, so that is not a concern. Finish high school first.

What if gay is straight and straight is gay?

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What is the role of a Faculty Advisor introducing into the high school a Gay-Straight Alliance?

* Students in some high schools in the U.S., recently started a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) which is a student group that wishes to bring together gay and straight students to raise awareness of gay, lesbian and transgender issues and basically wants a peaceful and safe environment for all regardless of their sexual preference. The Faculty Advisor is a teacher or staff member that you would trust and that would feel comfortable about speaking about sexual orientation openly. Not all teachers or staff members may agree with this program and you may have to keep asking until you find someone suitable as Faculty Advisor and it may be a teacher or staff member you do not know well.

If you're gay how do you get a boyfriend?

Talk to people. If you're still in highschool or university/college join your schools gay-straight alliance or related club.

You are 14 and im gay how do you get boyfriends?

be nice, be yourself, don't flirt with the straight people (trust me, it ends badly), NEVER ask someone if they're gay/bi (also ends badly), if your school has a GSA (gay straight alliance) go there, there'll probably be a few other gay gays. You'll know when a guy you're into is gay. not sure how it works, but it just does. Happy Boyfriend Hunting!

What high school did Tyson gay go to?

Lafayette High School

When was Gay Activists Alliance created?

Gay Activists Alliance was created in 1969.

How does a gay guy in high school find another for a relationship?

usually you can tell if another guy is gay by his behavior. If he's someone that you like, why not go ahead and approach him and see ? ====================================================== I'm a Sophomore in High School and gay too. Depending on how the school supports homosexuals, but what I did was find a gay, les, or bisexual in the school. It's not going to be easy to find a gay guy either. Join, if your school has one, a gay, straight alliance club, or finding a youth club that supports gays around your town. Here, the West coast doesn't have any, but I know the East coast does. If you haven't already, not to sound mean, just come out of the closet and if you do, gays around the area or near you that want to be with you or think you're attractive, will come to you. Other than that, you have to ask guys that you think are gay if they are actually gay. It's not easy to find them..

What is typically the role of a faculty adviser in a high school Gay-Straight Alliance?

In my day this did not happen. Guidance counselors were more concerned with down to earth matters such as on the high end- processing college applications, and such, and on the low end attempting to break up youth gangs, and so on. Gay-straight alliance, this did not enter into the mixture. Guidance counselors were frequently off-duty teachers who did not have a full (schedule chart) of teaching tasks so this was sort of a grab-bag job. I knew two. one was an English Teacher (back up) and the other was a specialist G.C.

Is Shane tallant gay?

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Is cox green a gay school?

It depends at how you look at it if you are gay than yes if you are straight like me than no. =]

When was Gay Alliance Toward Equality created?

Gay Alliance Toward Equality was created in 1971.

When did Gay Alliance Toward Equality end?

Gay Alliance Toward Equality ended in 1980.

How can a gay be straight?

If someone is gay, then they are gay. They cannot be straight.

Are there any organizations that sponsor high school Gay-Straight Alliances?

Yes! Gay-Straight Alliance Network! Check out our website at the link below. We support GSA clubs in California and through out the country. Our website has amazing resources to help you start and run a successful GSA club to fight homophobia and transphobia at your school. Our staff are available by phone or email if you need additional training or support. Depending on your location, they may also be able to come to your school! If you want to start a new GSA, check out the link below.

Is degrassi about gay people?

There are gay characters on the show Degrassi, but it is about high school or not.