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How can you get a Logitech Harmony 880 remote to control a Harbor Breeze Triton ceiling fan?

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If the harmony website doesn't have a device listing for your fan, then you need to learn it. With the remote plugged in, and the harmony software running, you can select 'learn new command' somewhere in the menus. When it asks you to, point the original ceiling fan remote towards the back of the harmony, and teach it the buttons you wish to use. If you don't have the original fan remote, you may not be able to control it.

Actually the main problem here is the 880 is not an RF remote and the Triton is an RF Fan.

I use URC products so I am not sure what Harmony offers other than upgrading to the 890 remote.

All you need to do is get something to translate your IR remote signals to RF for the fan.

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Can a Harmony 670 remote control a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

yes, so long as you know the model # of the fan. The Harmony 670 is an universal remote control so it's possible to contol your harbor breeze ceiling fan Kind of true, however your harmony remote is a IR device and your fan is most likely a RF device. If you install a IR remote to the fan the the harmony will control it.

Harmony 520 remote control a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

There are many remote controls that would work with your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. Check out the selection of replacement remotes at Lowes.

What may be the problem if a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan with Harbor Breeze remote added on turns light and fan on high when fan high button is pressed at remote?

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How do I reset Harbor breeze ceiling fan remote code?

Contact Lowes directly for help with resetting the fan remote code.

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