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To get a boys attention you just gotta be you! If he really likes you he will come along but if it doent go out well maybe your not sopose to be.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-30 21:58:08
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Q: How can you get a boys attention?
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Why do boys get more attention?

i think they do because boys are cool

Why do boys copy what you say?

Immature boys do this to get your attention. Ignore them.

Does a guy like big breasts?

That is generally true that you may get the attention of most of the boys, if you have bigger breasts. But then, you are getting the attention of the boys as a sex objects. You are not a sex object. You should get the attention of the boys as a person. Big breasts are not necessary for the same.

Who pay more attention in class boys or girls?

Girls pay more attention in class than boys because girls are more sensitive to aural senses than boys.

What do you wear at school to get a boys attention?


Why are some boys so annoying?

Sometimes... when boys insult you, it actually means they like you - but only sometimes! I agree with the answer above. Some boys do annoying things so that they can get your attention. Some boys do annoying things to others so that they can gain acceptance and attention from other more popular boys.

How do you get a boys attention in 6 grade?

try to b their friend. Then little by little he'll get ur attention

Do pubescent girls with anxiety crave attention both from their parents and from boys?

They crave attention from everyone at that age.

Do boys get more attention than girls?

No, quite the opposite.

Why do boys say hey to a girls?

probably to attract attention to it

What should you wear to attract a boys attention?

make- up

Why are boys falling behind in school?


Why do boys poke girls?

Boys usually poke girls when they want attention, or conversation, Show them a little attention and laugh and poke back, but if it gets annoying then move, or tell them straight up.

Why boys are ennoying?

I assume you mean annoying. Back when I was a boy, I guess I was annoying to get attention, or to pretend that I didn't mind it if I did NOT get attention.

Why these boys always annoy and irritate girls?

they want the girl's attention

If you want someones attention should you stay quiet and let him worry?

No if you want a boys attention dont be slutty just talk to him.

How do you know when a girl is just talking to you for attention?

If a girl is talking to you for attention she is likely wanting your attention in particular and is likely interested in you or at least believes your friends. Girls always want attention from boys and if you have them talking to you chances are they like you.

What do boys think when they like you a girl?

"How can I get this girls attention?" and "I wonder if she even notices me..."

What do bad boys wear to get girls attention?

Leather jackets are a common symbol.

How does Justin Bieber get attention from girls?

He's hot and he has a great smile and character. And! Liking him makes the boys jealous and pay more attention to you.

How do you get a boy or girls attention?

if you want to get a boys or girls attention you just have to put an anomonis note in his or her locker or drop a note on his desk or cuby

Are Pokemon cards just for boys?

No, You may probably think this because Pokemon card usually attach boys attention, but they are also for girls.

If a boy does not pay girls attention like other boys dodo girls notice that?

well it depends who or what the boy is paying attention to instead of girls...

Who needs more attention boys or girls?

Girls of course we're more sensitive... :)

Why do teenage boys always try to show off?

Teenage boys always try to show off to get noticed. Many teenage boys like to have the attention on them and showing off is one way to get it.