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You should arrange a consultation with an attorney and ask about the possibility of your husband being required to pay your legal costs if you can prove he is abusive. Ask friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, etc., if any have heard of any lawyers who did a good job representing clients in your position.

Also, many larger cities have programs where you can get an attorney to help you for free if you can show need - which is most likely you can in this type of situation. In addition, there is assistance at shelters for abused/battered women and a person can always contact one of these types of shelters and they can direct you to an attorney that can help you. Look up the phone number for the state bar in the state where you live. You can Google something like "state bar of name of your state" and call or email them. They can provide you with information for "pro bono" attorneys (attorneys that do work for free). There are lots of options out there so don't give up and don't stay with someone who is abusive to you. Life is too short for that and no one deserves to live like that.

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Q: How can you get a cheap divorce from an abusive husband?
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What to do with an abusive husband?

divorce him

My husband is verbally abusive?

If your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, you can break the negative cycle by seeking the services of a family counselor or filing for divorce.

Does any one know how to get rid of abusive husband?

Divorce him and if he threatens or attacks you, then call the police

What do you do if your spouse is a control and abusive husband?

You get a divorce and leave the house, before it is to late !

Can you write down your husband has been abusive to you on the divorce forms or do you have to write the corespondent has been abusive to you?

It does not matter. They are the same thing.

Why did Steinbeck and gwyn conger divorce?

Because John Steinbeck was a horrible, abusive husband to her.

Has Christina Aguilera had any problems in her life?

An abusive father and rough childhood, divorce from her husband.

Would GOD allow a wife to divorce an abusive or disrespectful husband regardless of Jewish law?


What is the Pentecostal belief on divorce?

Pentecostals do not believe in divorce. depends on the particular denomination. there is no pentecostal minister i know who would teach a woman not to divorce her abusive husband..or her husband who cheats..of course first counseling would be encouraged

If an abusive husband reuses to sign divorce papers and continually has the judge grant outrageous orders benif and bleeding the wife daily of cash etcbenefiting the husband he hadbled her dry l?

are the courts aware that your husband was or is abusive towards you?

Why didn't god let wives divorce abusive husbands according to the Torah?

There is no prohibition against divorce in the Torah. Although the husband has to initiate divorce according to Jewish law, in cases of abuse, the husband can be forced to do so. The exception regarding no prohibition against divorce is that a husband can't divorce his wife due to illness or inability to have children.

Can you make your husband pay for the separation and divorce if he is abusive and advertises wanting women at adult dating sex websites?

Your divorce attorney can write up the court filing papers so that they include a provision that your husband absorb the cost.

How does a new pregnancy affect abusive ex husband?

I am sure that it would depend on the abusive ex-husband.

If a woman has 3 affairs because her husband was emotionally abusive is it justified?

No. Infidelity is morally wrong on all grounds. Shoulda just got a divorce.

How long it takes to get divorce from a abusive husband?

The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.

How do you get an abusive husband out of your house?

take him to therapy to get it straightened out....or if you really feel threatened get a divorce..and if you don't retaliate to either one of these suggestions, you're on your own buddy

Your husband refuses to stop drinking after 20 years of marriage you are very unhappy should you just divorce him even if he's not physically abusive.?

If you are unhappy in your marriage and there are no reasons for you to stay married to him - sure go ahead and divorce him.

If you have PTSD and Major Depression and your husband is verbally financially abusive which triggers you but you're better now after much counseling when you're not around him should you divorce?

Yes. As soon as you can.

When did Alice walker divorce her husband?

no she did not have a divorce

Is there a divorce policy in Egypt?

Yes, but it is much harder for a wife to divorce her husband than for a husband to divorce his wife in Egypt.

What happens when a woman is running from an abusive husband and crosses state lines with their children?

Nothing, unless there is a divorce or other court order prohibiting the woman from taking the child out of the state.

Can your husband filed a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant?

Yes, your husband can file for a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant.

Your husband is abusive and now is going to anger management your question is do you go home?

Ask the person in charge or the anger management class how your husband is doing. When he/she feels your husband is dealing with his anger well, go back home and see if your husband is ok. If he is not, and was only pretending, a divorce is truly the best option

How do you deal with an abusive husband?

If you can leave him - do it now.

Can you be forced to divorce?

no you can not be forced to divorce your husband or wife