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Go to a specialist at McDonalds.

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How do you get fat in the buttocks?

Overeat and be lazy. There's no way to allocate it to the buttocks, besides being a girl.

How many buttocks does a person have?

There are two fat pads over muscles that make up the buttocks.

Does the human buttocks contain bones?

There is no bones in the buttocks, but large muscle and fat. This muscle goes all the way to our thighs.

Where is body fat mostly located?

abdomen, chest, and buttocks

How do you reduce buttocks of woman?

Excercise, my friend. Go and find a good gym or if you've got the money a good personal trainer. That should reduce the size of the buttocks a alot. Also consider if her buttocks is either mainly muscle or fat, because just because she has a big buttocks does not mean that she is fat, as she could have large muscles in the buttocks to comphensate for large breasts or other work.

Is a human's butt made out of fat?

Not necessarily. While the buttocks are a primary area for fat storage in most individuals, it's quite possible to be lean enough such that the buttocks are almost entirely muscle.

Can you sprain a buttocks?

No it's just fat, you may however injure your tailbone.

How do you make your buttocks big and fat?

The buttocks are primarily fat cells and fat tissue overlying muscles. So... no exercise would increase fat cells/tissue, but exercise firms the underlying muscles. Your choice. The best way is to do exercises and eating right. learn how to tone your butt naturally bigbuttocksnaturally . com

Why are women's buttocks bigger than those of men?

The female buttocks are general bigger because of higher subcutaneous fat storage needs and broader hips.

What are the areas of the body in which male and female store body fat?

Most fat in males is in the thighs, buttocks, and stomach, and women have fat in those regions and their breasts.

How do you decrease buttock size and fat in stomach area?

Buttocks = Cycling, Stomach = Running.

Why do some women have larger buttocks?

They eat a lot of fat which get deposited in the buttocks.Hormornes also make buttocks large bulging round.Women like it because men will see their buttocks and pinch to get a big erection.Such women should be always pinched and squeezed.

How is cellulite treated by liposuction?

Fat cells are removed by suctioning through a cut or excision in the buttocks or thigh.

Is a butt fat or muscle?

You're buttocks is a muscle. Much like most of our bodies, it's covered up by a layer of fat. Good news is you control how much fat surrounds your booty.

How can you gain fat on your cheeks?

When you gain weight it is distributed everywhere, including your cheeks. There is also a process a cosmetic surgeon can do where he will remove fat from your thighs or buttocks and implant it in your cheeks.

What are the buttocks?

Your buttcheaks are your buttocks

Why would mesentery be used for primary fat storage in men but not women?

Estrogen causes fat storage to be primarily in the hips and buttocks. Men, who lack estrogen, primarily story mesenteric(lower abdominal) fat.

How much fat does an unhealthy child eat a day?

I'm 14 and have a big round belly and soft, squishy buttocks and I eat around 110g of fat some days

What is the Latin word for big butt?

Steatopygia. noun. [derived from Latin, steato, "fat" + pug_ "rump"]. A protuberance of the buttocks, due to accumulation of fat in and behind the hips and thighs.

How can you accumulate fat in the buttocks area and lower body rather than the upper body so that your butt can be larger with fat instead of muscle?

AnswerIt's called "the gene pool" and you're pretty much stuck with what you have. You can go to the gym and work-out and muscle does weight more than fat. You can tone up your buttocks by certain exercises and that will make it a little larger if you are inclined to have a flat buttocks.or you could have surgery u fat bugger.

Is buttocks lateral from wrist?

The buttocks are medial to the wrist. The wrist is lateral to the buttocks.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures today, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) involves using a woman’s own fat to enhance the size and shape of her posterior. Today, BBL is performed using local anesthesia, a safer option than butt augmentation under general anesthesia. The procedure involves two components – liposuction and fat grafting. Liposuction involves using advanced liposuction techniques to extract the fat needed for the enhancement from the body areas such as the flanks, stomach, and thighs. The second step involves processing the extracted fat tissues and injecting them into the buttocks to provide the desired enhancement. So BBL provides dual benefits: in addition to enhancing the buttocks, it improves the contour of the sites from where fat is extracted. A skilled surgeon can shape the back area just under the curvature of the top of the buttocks in such as way that it decreases waist size and improves the projection of the buttocks -- even before the fat is injected.

How do you reduce your buttocks?

You don't! Your buttocks is wonderful.

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