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Well... instead of eating junk food eat healthy foods and have 3 balanced meals(not heaping piles of food) a day. Also running improves one's body appearance... but the best way IS doing crunches and variating them... not just regular cruches each day but give all ur muscles in that area a work out. Sorry, but crunches and running are about the only ways to get a flatter stomach.

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Q: How can you get a flatter stomach without fasting and doing crunches?
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What are stomach crunches?

Stomach crunches are the core of all stomach exercises. They are considered as basic abdominal exercises. You can do it at home, without any devices.

What exercise works out the stomach without weights or machines besides crunches?

running is a very good way of working your stomach

Can you get a flatter stomach by fasting and doing crunches?

I've never heard the term "Fasting" but i know that crunches can help very much! also do bridges, (look up what they are if you dont already know) but anyway, crunching is very good way to get a flatter stomach, but if you are female dont do them! it damages the reproductive organs, you should do sit-ups! but dont bend your knees, keep them flat, sit ups are a good way too. By the way, you know how eating low fat keeps you healthy? WRONG! your body needs a specific amount of fat, otherwise you might get very under weight to the point you dont look hot being skinny, you look freaky! but dont eat junk food fat, eat the good kind like the kind off of an oven baked chicken! not like the kind in pork rhinds! also you need a specific amount of cholestorol, without it you would fall over and die ;) hope I helped!

I need to get a flat stomach in 2 to 3 months without a diet plan just exercize it's not normal I just need help please I'm not dieting?

You can easily get a flat stomach in 2-3 months without a diet plan but you have to drink a lot of water. Create an abdominal exercise routine and stick to it, every day. Plank crunches, bicycle crunches, and cross crunches will help to get your abs in 6 pack shape.

How do you make your stomach flatter without equipment?

Crunches work really well. You should try them out. I use a Denise Austin tape called shrink your female fat zones,it works really well. GOOD LUCK!!!AnswerYou can grow all the muscle you like on your tummy, but if there's fat you won't see your sixpack unless you simply loose fat.Eat healthier.

How is somatostatin produced in the stomach?

D CellsA natural occurring bodily function.Physical ExercisesExtended Periods without FoodsHungerSleepFasting

What is going without food?

going without food by choice is fasting. if not by choice, starvation.

What is fasting hypoglycemia?

Fasting hypoglycemia sometimes occurs after long periods without food, but it also happens occasionally following strenuous exercise

How do you get a six pack without buying any equipment?

You would have to do a lot of sit-ups and crunches.

How do you get abs without any work out equipment?

I think sit-ups or crunches might help...

What are exercises to burn belly fat without using bad knees?

You can lie down and do crunches.

How many crunchers does it take to get abs?

Crunches will help you to get abs however, you will not be able to see them without losing weight. If you have a layer of fat over your abs, no amount of crunches will give you the abs that you are looking for.

What is the word for going without food or water for a period of time?


What means to go without food for some time is called?


Can people live without a stomach?

No, You can not live without a stomach because your food would have nowhere to go.

How can a guy lose stomach mass without doing crunches as he gets a bad back?

There's an exercise where you get down on hands and knees.While taking and holding a deep breath, tighten your stomache muscles and hold for a count of 10. Do this 12 times. Then repeat after resting

How can a human stomach hold hydrochloric acid without being destroyed?

There is a protective layer inside the stomach. It can hold the acid without it going through it or the stomach.

Can you survive without your stomach?


What does smoking do to your stomach?

you can't digest without blood flow to the stomach

Can you live without a stomach lining?

no, the acids in the stomach would burn your organs.

What is the name of the exercise where you lie on your back pull your knees to your stomach and then extend your legs without touching the ground?

That sounds a lot like crunch except with crunches though you lift your chest as you extend your legs. There is a website called Expert Village were instructors teach just about anything. I added a link to a page where a fitness instructor shows about a dozen different ways to do crunches:

Can a human live without a stomach?


What are the benefits of christian fasting?

its showing that we can survive without something while depending on God

Why is fasting for weight loss bad for you?

To lose weight you have to burn more calories then your body takes in. This is one of the most basic aspects of weight loss. Fasting is going without food (typically without solid foods and sometimes without water as well) for a long period of time.

Can we gusul while fasting in islam?

Of course you can. You have to make ghusl (if ghusl is necessary for purification) in order to pray. Fasting does not change that. And fasting without praying is useless. So you must make ghusl (being careful not to take the water into the back of the throat).