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I wouldn't mess with him. If he doesn't want his friends to know about him likeing you then what are you going to do if you stat dateing? Hide it? You wont be happy if this is what he is trying to pull. Keep on trying to get him to open up or maybe just sit down and talk with him, but if his friend is close to him, maybe he really doesn't want to go out with you.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 18:27:56
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Q: How can you get a guy to open up to you if you think he likes you and he told his friend he didn't like you and didn't want to date you but you know that's not true?
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How do you make a boy love your friend?

I think what you would do is ask him/her who they like. Then tell them that your friend likes them. Then tell them good things. Thats how I would do it I dont know about you!

How do you prompt a guy you think likes you to tell you he likes you?

If you have a friend who is a friend of him, ask the friend to ask him if he likes you.

I think my ex girlfriend likes me again but i cant tell if she likes me or likes me as a friend so how can i tell if she likes me?

think it just might be as a friend

What do I do the girl I like just kissed me and said she only likes me as a friend?

If she kissed you I think she actually like likes you. I wouldn't just go up to a boy, kiss him, and tell him I only like him as a friend. Think about it. :)

When you like a girl who your friends with and she likes you but she is going out with your friend what do you do?

well. is your friend more important or the girl? think about that. also think about the fact that if the girl really likes you, she would leave your friend.

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What if your best friend likes the same guy you like?

Just talk to her about it. Which one of you gets the most guys. If she gets most of them i think she needs to let u have him. And if you get more, be a good friend and let her have him. Thats what best friends do

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How do you know if a guy likes you in third grade without asking him?

If you ask him a question and their pupils get bigger than they tend to think your attractive, thats the only for sure body language one i know. You could ask a friend but thats not definite.

What does it mean if you think a guy likes you but he tells your best friend he only likes you as a friend?

It means he doesn't like you romantically.

What do you do if you really like this guy but your friend likes him too and you think that guy likes your friend back?

Ask him if he likes your friend and if he doesn't, then you ask him out or something like that, but if he does, hook them up and be happy that they are happy.

Does a guy like you because his friend asked if your name what he said and you said yes and then his friend looked at the guy i think likes me does that mean he likes you?

yes and/or no. Yes! It defenitly does, that guy is teasing the guy that you think likes you!

What does it mean if your crush asked your friend out?

that your crush likes your friend more. or might try to use your friend to get to you. but i think the first answer is more credible. it means your crush probobly likes your friend

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i think jiro just likes ella as a friend

A guy friend likes you?

To answer a question like this, you have to think, do you like him?

What do you do when you like a girl and you think that you other friend likes you?

be honest

What do you do if a friend of mine likes a boy you like?

u go up to our friend and figure out who likes him more or ask him which one do he likes more its not much but that's all i can think of

I like a girl we have been friends for a while.The problem is i don't know if she likes me back i think she flirts with me but i also think she flirts with my best friend. How to tell who she likes?

ask her who she likes more and if she likes your friend more pinch her and tell her off hahahahahah muahahaha

What do you do if you like a guy your friend is dating but the guy likes you and your friend?

Unfortuately, i think your friend has 'dibs', maybe in a few years :)

What to do if you think your crush likes you but kind of likes your best friend?

Ask your friend if she's seen your crush staring at her or something like that...this next suggestion is terrible, but maybe you should ask him if he likes her....?

You like a guy and you think his best friend likes you?

i got no clue

What is your advice in the situation that I am in I like this girl but I am not sure weather she likes me and I think that her best friend likes me?

well first do you like that friend? if not then ignore her, well if you think she does then ask her out if not then do not ask her out, you should flirt with her too.

What if a guy told a friend he only like you as a friend but you think he still likes you anyway and your not sure if the friend lied to you?

That's happened to me but i have no clue and i know he (they both) like me..... idk but he probably likes you.

If a guy asked you who you like and you think he asked because one of his friends likes you how do you find out which friend likes you?

it should be obvious which one likes you.