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Higher VocalsConsult a voice teacher. They will give you breathing and singing exercises. If your voice is capable of increasing its range, these will do it, although it will take time and practice.

I suggest you to be careful tough. Why would you want a higher range? Are you a mezzo-soprano and due to the limited amount of songs written for the range ,want to go "higher"??

Even experienced teachers can ,indeed ,increase the range of your voice and make it go "higher" YET it is EXTREMELY easy to "break you voice". Indeed you will sing in higher pitch ,but your vocal chords will be permanantly damaged and your natural speaking voice is then completely altered. In some rare cases ,it is possible to go back to your natural voice ,but in 90% of the cases ,the damage is permanant. Needless to say your singing ability is also completely ruined.

Also practice your "lateral" breathing. That allows you to sing with your "head voice" and then go higher very easily without any strain.

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Q: How can you get a higher vocal range?
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Beyonce vocal range?

Beyone has a 4 octive vocal range and is capible of employing vocal tactics to hit higher notes.

What gender has a better vocal range?

There isn't really such thing as a 'better' vocal range, but boys sing lower and girls sing higher

Is baritone a male singing voice?

Yes there are two main voice types for men, tenor and baritone. A Baritone has alower vocal range while a tenor has a higher vocal range.

What is Mary J Blige Vocal Range?

Mary J. Blige Vocal Range is a Four Octave Vocal Range.

A singer with a vocal range deeper than a acto but higher then a bass is known as what?

The range between bass and alto is tenor

What is Beyonce's vocal range?

Beyonce's Vocal Range is A2-F6

What is Julie Andrews Vocal Range?

She had a 4 octave vocal range.

A sentence with the word vocal in it?

I can give you several sentences.She has an amazing vocal range.The vocal track on the movie is too faint.The playground was vocal with the happy cries of children.He is a vocal critic of the mayor.Because women have thinner vocal chords than men do, female voices have a higher pitch. Who sings lead vocals for your band?

What kind of instrument has the word man in it?

Those of the Mandolin family:* mandolin - higher pitched as in the soprano range * mandola - mid-range, as like a vocal alto * mandocello - mid-low range, as like a cello or tenor voice range * mando-bass - low range, as like a vocal bass singer.

What is Shakira's vocal range?

shakira`s vocal range is 3 octave and 1 note

What is Ronnie James Dios' vocal range?

rons vocal range is eight octaves.

What is Anthony Warlow's vocal range?

I believe Mr Warlow's vocal range is Tenor to Baritone.

What does soprano mean in Italian?

A soprano normally describes a singer, usually female, that has a vocal range from high "A" and higher.

What is Ozzy osbourne vocal range?

Ozzy Osborne actuallyhas a pretty impressive vocal range. According to a google search, the vocal range for him is B1-F5(-G♯5)

Whitney Houston's vocal range?

The late Whitney Houston had a rated vocal range of 3.2 octaves. The very transcendent voice range from A2 to C6.

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His range was 3.5 Octaves

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She had a 4 octave vocal range.

What is ushers vocal range?


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-3000 -_-

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Kai Wong has the range of a baritenor.

Which vocal range is distinguished as the highest male voice range?


When will you use the vocal range?

As a vocalist, your vocal range tells you which notes you will have to transpose to a different octave in order to comfortably (and safely) sing or speak them.

What is the vocal range of a soprano?

The vocal range of soprano is usually from middle C to 2 Cs above middle C (C4-C6)

What is vocal range g3-d5 called at a girl and is that range good?

It falls within the range of Mezzo Soprano. If you haven't had any vocal training it is quite good.

Is G3 or A3 to D5 or E5 a good vocal range for a 13 year old?

Everyone's vocal range is different! If this is the range thats right for you then yes. Im also a 13 year old and i have this range.