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Q: How can you get a job as a performer?
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What is the occupation of the chief performer at the bullfight?

The main performer is the matador whose job it is to kill the bull properly after an artistic performance with the cape - the muleta. Matador is his profession.

Can you still get a job as a knight?

Only as a performer, not as a soldier. Check out the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas

Did Michael Jackson used to be a doctor?

No he was never a doctor, the only job he ever had was being a performer.

What is job redesign?

Changing / restructuring the elements of a job making it more motivating for the performer.Enhancing motivational potential of a job by altering core job dimensions.

What actors and actresses appeared in Channel Nine - 1955?

The cast of Channel Nine - 1955 includes: Shirley Abicair as Performer Elizabeth Allan as Performer Daphne Batchelor as Performer Billy Cotton as Performer Reg Dixon as Performer Lucille Graham as Performer Hughie Green as Performer Sheila Mathews as Performer Shirley Norman as Performer Leslie Randall as Performer Bessie Rogers as Performer Derek Roy as Performer Harry Secombe as Performer Joy Shelton as Performer Kip Van Nash as Performer Leslie Welch as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Kosketuksessa - 2007?

The cast of Kosketuksessa - 2007 includes: Pepe Ahlqvist as Himself - Performer Tomi Aholainen as Himself - Performer Miikkael Anttila as Himself - Performer Knipi as Himself - Performer Skele as Himself - Performer Klamydia as Themselves Cmx as Themselves - Performer Apulanta as Themselves - Performer Pmmp as Themselves - Performer Egotrippi as Themselves - Performer Miika Colliander as Himself - Performer Jukka Gustavson as Himself - Performer Sampo Haapaniemi as Himself - Performer Janne Halmkrona as Himself - Performer Pauli Hanhiniemi as Himself - Performer Espe Haverinen as Himself - Performer Jari Helin as Himself - Performer Samuli Jokinen as Himself - Performer Vesku Jokinen as Himself - Performer Rubberduck Jones as Himself - Performer Maija Juuti as herself Pasi Kallioniemi as Himself - Performer Antti Karisalmi as Himself - Performer Riku Karvonen as Himself - Performer Janne Kasurinen as Himself - Performer Mikki Kauste as Himself - Performer Anssi Kela as Himself - Performer Ville Kela as Himself - Performer Kelly Ketonen as Herself - Performer Timo Kivikangas as Himself - Performer Pate Kivinen as Himself - Performer Tero Kling as Himself - Performer Niko Kokko as Himself - Performer Anne Korhonen as herself Mikko Kosonen as Himself - Performer Johanna Kurkela as Herself - Performer Mikko Kuustonen as Himself - Performer Lacu Lahtinen as Himself - Performer Juha Lehti as Himself - Performer Sami Lehtinen as Himself - Performer Arttu Leskinen as Himself - Performer Dave Lindholm as Himself - Performer Mira Luoti as Herself - Performer Anssi Maasalo as Himself - Performer Jyrki Melartin as Himself - Performer Saara Metsberg as Herself - Performer Pelle Miljoona as Himself - Performer Jaakko Murros as Himself - Performer Timo Mynttinen as Himself - Performer Antero Naali as Himself - Performer Taavi Nachtigall as himself Kolmas Nainen as Themselves - Performer Eppu Normaali as Themselves - Performer Kari Nylander as Himself - Performer Henrik Otto Donner as Himself - Performer Lenni Paarma as Himself - Performer Pete Parkkonen as Himself - Performer Kari Peitsamo as Himself - Performer Hanna Peltoniemi as herself Tero Pennanen as Himself - Performer Sakari Pesola as Himself - Performer Jan Pethlman as Himself - Performer Stefan Piesnack as Himself - Performer Riku Purtola as Himself - Performer Samuli Putro as Himself - Performer Simo Ralli as Himself - Performer Timo Rasio as Himself - Performer Risto Rikala as Himself - Performer Sami Ruusukallio as Himself - Performer Junnu Saaresaho as Himself - Performer Lasse Sakara as Himself - Performer Martti Salminen as Himself - Performer Sipe Santapukki as Himself - Performer Jussi Saxlin as Himself - Performer Heikki Silvennoinen as Himself - Performer Istvan Szalay as himself Ari Taskinen as Himself - Performer Juha Torvinen as Himself - Performer Raimo Valkama as Himself - Performer Tumppi Varonen as Himself - Performer Jenni Vartiainen as Herself - Performer Juho Vehmanen as Himself - Performer Paula Vesala as Herself - Performer Timo Vikkula as Himself - Performer Maija Vilkkumaa as Herself - Performer Mikko Virta as Himself - Performer Toni Wirtanen as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Saltimbanco - 1997?

The cast of Saltimbanco - 1997 includes: Ann Bernard as Performer Witek Biegaj as Performer Pawel Biegaj as Performer Martin Boisvert as Performer Nikolai Chelnokov as Performer Yvon Cloutier as Electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards Andrea Conway as Performer Vincent Cotnoir as Performer Jocelyn Drainville as Saxophone, keyboards, and percussions Michael Galkine as Performer Alain Gauthier as Performer Chantal Girard as Performer Miguel Herrera as Performer Oleg Kantemirov as Performer Galina Karableva as Performer Brigitte Larochelle as Keyboards Paulo Lorador as Performer Marco Lorador as Performer Francine Poitras as Performer Mathieu Roy as Performer Marc Sohier as Bass, electronic percussions Sarah Steben as Performer Karyne Steben as Performer Hongli Sun as Performer Alexandre Tchelnokov as Performer Anton Tchelnokov as Performer Guennadi Tchijov as Performer Dan Touchette as Performer Huang Zhen as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in The Personals - 1999?

The cast of The Personals - 1999 includes: Gloria Bobrofsky as Performer Abram Calderon as Performer Deborah Ehrlich as Performer Seth Glassman as Performer Harold Gordon as Performer Harold Krinsky as Performer Ruth Krinsky as Performer Moe Kronberg as Performer Fred Schechter as Performer Rose Straub as Performer Shirley Tavel as Performer Selma Wernick as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in The Royal Variety Performance 2001 - 2001?

The cast of The Royal Variety Performance 2001 - 2001 includes: Cher as Performer Cilla Black as Performer Dora Bryan as Guest Announcer Brendan Carr as Performer Riseing Dragons Charlotte Church as Herself - Performer Julian Clary as Himself - Performer Sharon Corr as Performer Jim Corr as Performer Andrea Corr as Performer Caroline Corr as Performer Jon Culshaw as Performer Craig David as Performer Mikael Davidsson as Troupe Performer Frankie Dettori as Performer Emma Forbes as Presenter Danny Foster as Performer Toby Hinson as Stout Hearted Man Elton John as Performer Vinnie Jones as Performer Myleene Klass as Herself - Performer Django Lagnado as Troupe Performer Jennifer Lopez as Performer Kym Marsh as Performer Jackie Mason as Performer Robert Meadmore as Performer Samantha Mumba as Performer Donny Osmond as Himself - Performer Alessandro Safina as Performer Suzanne Shaw as Performer Noel Sullivan as Performer Claire Sweeney as Guest Announcer Jimmy Tarbuck as Guest Announcer Denise Van Outen as Performer Adam Watkiss as Performer Russell Watson as Performer Ruby Wax as Guest Announcer Barbara Windsor as Performer Dale Winton as Performer Anatoliy Zalevskyy as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Stars in der Manege - 1959?

The cast of Stars in der Manege - 1959 includes: Peter Alexander as Performer Heino as Performer Albano as Performer Borra as Performer Robert Atzorn as Performer Dirk Back as Performer Sari Barabas Lex Barker as himself Ralf Bauer as Performer Franz Beckenbauer Reinhold Beckmann as Performer Martin Benrath as Performer Peter Bento Jeanette Biedermann as Herself - Performer Roy Black Roberto Blanco as Performer DJ Bobo as Performer Jochen Breitner as Performer Magdalena Brzeska as Performer Horst Buchholz as Performer Gedeon Burkhard as Performer Rudi Carrell as Performer Peter Carsten David Coulthard as Performer Rupert Davies Paola Del Medico as Performer Gaby Dohm as Herself - Performer Lothar Dombrowski as Performer Heike Drechsler as Performer Sky du Mont as Performer Nazan Eckes as Herself - Performer Kurt Edelhagen as Orchestra, Themselves Frank Elstner as Himself - Presenter Ron Ely as Performer Peter Falkenberg as Host- Himself Kurt Felix as Performer Heino Ferch as Himself - Performer Heino Ferch as Performer Helmut Fischer as himself Ottfried Fischer as Himself - Host Ottfried Fischer as Himself - Presenter Kai Fischer as Performer Hendrikje Fitz as Herself - Performer Elisabeth Flickenschildt as Performer Ulrike Folkerts as Performer Silvio Francesco as himself Silvio Francesco as Performer Peter Frankenfeld as Himself - Host Thomas Fritsch Joachim Fuchsberger as himself Joachim Fuchsberger as Showmaster Petra Gerster as Performer Walter Giller as Performer Uschi Glas as Herself - Performer Uschi Glas as Performer Reinhard Glemnitz as Performeer Reinhard Glemnitz as Performer Max Greger as and his Orchestra Max Greger as Performer Regina Halmich as Herself - Performer George Hamilton Lewis Hamilton as Himself - Performer Evelyn Hans Raimund Harmstorf as Performer Marianne Hartl as Herself - Performer Michael Hartl as Himself - Performer Bodo Hauser as Performer Wolke Hegenbarth as Herself - Performer Eva Herman as Herself - Performer Thomas Hermanns as Himself - Performer Heinz Hoenig as Himself - Performer Hannelore Hoger as Herself - Performer Chris Howland Paul Hubschmid as himself Katerina Jacob as Herself - Performer Martin Jente as Performer Hanns Joachim Friedrichs as Performer Cherno Jobatey as Performer Francine Jordi as Herself - Host Fritz Karl as Himself - Performer Erhard Keller as Performer Joey Kelly as Himself - Performer Hape Kerkeling as Presenter Alice Kessler as Performer Ellen Kessler as Performer Ulrich Kienzle as Performer Arabella Kiesbauer as Herself - Host Arabella Kiesbauer as Herself - Performer Andrea Kiewel as Herself - Performer Claus Kleber as Himself - Performer Claudia Kleinert as Herself - Performer Reiner Klimke Wladimir Klitschko as Himself - Performer Wladimir Klitschko as Performer Vitali Klitschko as Performer Ulla Kock am Brink as Performer Harald Krassnitzer as Himself - Performer Harald Krassnitzer as Performer Sonya Kraus as Herself - Host Sonya Kraus as Herself - Performer Peter Kraus as himself Peter Kraus as Performer Henning Krautmacher as Himself - Performer Johann Lafer as Himself - Performer David Larible as Clown Heiner Lauterbach as Himself - Performer Heiner Lauterbach as Performer Christopher Lee as himself Harald Leipnitz Harald Leipnitz as Performer Ruth Leuwerik as Performer Monica Lierhaus as Herself - Host Liselott Linsenhoff as Performer Gina Lollobrigida as Performer Werner Lorant as Performer Frauke Ludowig as Performer Monika Lundi as Performer Peter Maffay as himself Sandra Maischberger as Performer Irene Mann as Performer Peggy March as Performer Zubin Mehta as Himself - Performer Michael Mendl as Himself - Perfomer Rudolph Moshammer as Performer Nana Mouskouri as Herself - Performer Georges Moustaki as himself Josef Neckermann as himself Josef Neckermann as Performer Tanja Niethen as Performer Mirco Nontschew as Performer Uwe Ochsenknecht as Performer Erik Ode as Performer Esther Ofarim as herself Abi Ofarim as himself Gil Ofarim as Performer Hazy Osterwald as Performer Sven Ottke as Himself - Perfomer Juan Pablo Montoya as Himself - Performer Eva Padberg as Herself - Performer Rita Pavone as Performer Dieter Pfaff as Himself - Performer Monika Pflug as Performer Verona Pooth as Performer Verona Pooth as Presenter Oleg Popov as Performer Romina Power as Performer Liselotte Pulver as herself Freddy Quinn Freddy Quinn as Performer Max Raabe as Himself - Performer Denise Randol as Performer Ivan Rebroff as Performer Carolin Reiber as Herself - Performer Eva Renzi as herself Jochen Richert as Performer Katja Riemann as Performer Hans Rosenthal Anneliese Rothenberger Ralle Rudnik as Himself - Performer Barbara Rudnik as Performer Nina Ruge as Herself - Host Nina Ruge as Performer Michael Schanze as Performer Otto Schenk as Performer Max Schmeling Romy Schneider as herself Margit Schramm as Performer Birgit Schrowange as Performer Alfons Schuhbeck as Himself - Performer Esther Schweins as Performer Esther Schweins as Presenter Heintje Simons as himself Sabine Sinjen Mark Slade as Performer Marietta Slomka as Herself - Performer Elke Sommer Jutta Speidel as Herself - Performer Jens Streifling as Himself - Performer Wolfgang Stumph as Performer Wim Thoelke as Himself - Host Wim Thoelke as Performer Susen Tiedtke as Performer Nadja Tiller Nadja Tiller as Performer La Toria Christian Tramitz as Himself - Performer Hassani Truppe des Zirkus Hagen as Performer Luise Ullrich as herself Hoch und Deutschmeister as Orchestra, Themselves Ursus und Nadeschkin as Themselves - Hosts Caterina Valente as herself Constanze Vernon Marie Versini Marlene Victoria Tackenberg as Performer (TicTacToe) Suzanne von Borsody as Herself - Performer Suzanne von Borsody as Performer Hubert von Goisern as Himself - Performer Ursula von Manescul Gila von Weitershausen as Performer Victoria Voncampe as Performer Jasmin Wagner Peter Weck as Performer Heidelinde Weis Heidelinde Weis as Performer Fritz Wepper as Performer Bernhard Wicki Sarah Wiener as Herself - Performer The Willams Peter Wyngarde as Performer Helmut Zacharias Helmut Zacharias as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Music Shop - 1958?

The cast of Music Shop - 1958 includes: Yana as Herself - Performer Winifred Atwell as Herself - Performer Shirley Bassey as Herself - Performer The Beverley Sisters as Themselves - Performers Tony Brent as Himself - Performer Eddie Calvert as Himself - Performer Pearl Carr as Herself - Performer Petula Clark as Herself - Performer Alma Cogan as Herself - Performer John Dankworth as Himself - Performer Anita Darian as Herself - Performer The Dene Four as Themeselves - Performer Jackie Dennis as Himself - Performer Ray Ellington as Himself - Performer Gracie Fields as Herself - Performer Noel Harrison as Himself - Performer Ronnie Hilton as Himself - Performer The John Barry Seven as Themselves - Performers Teddy Johnson as Himself - Host The Kaye Sisters as Themselves - Performers The King Brothers as Themselves - Performers Kathy Kirby as Herself - Performer Lorne Lesley as Herself - Performer Dennis Lotis as Himself - Performer Humphrey Lyttelton as Himself - Performer George Melly as Himself - Performer Dudley Moore as Himself - Performer Ruby Murray as Herself - Performer Anthony Newley as Himself - Performer Donald Peers as Himself - Performer Lita Roza as Herself - Performer Al Saxon as Himself - Performer Jo Shelton as Herself - Performer Anne Shelton as Herself - Performer Sheila Southern as Herself - Performer Dorothy Squires as Herself - Performer Rosemary Squires as Herself - Performer Dickie Valentine as Himself - Performer Malcolm Vaughan as Himself - Performer Cherry Wainer as Herself - Performer Bert Weedon as Himself - Performer Jimmy Young as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Teething - 2010?

The cast of Teething - 2010 includes: Ryan Barret as Performer Jillian Boshart as Performer Kyle Easterly as Performer Whitney Fliss as Performer Thomas Glass as Performer Andrea Ives as Performer Wonder Russell as Performer Amy Schumacher as Performer Gabrielle Schutz as Performer Paul Vitulli as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Ninety Years On - 1964?

The cast of Ninety Years On - 1964 includes: Arthur Askey as Billy Merson Wilfrid Brambell as Moore Marriott Patricia Bredin as Performer Gerald Campion as Graham Moffatt Ian Carmichael as Performer Roy Castle as Performer Alma Cogan as Performer Kenneth Connor as Performer Billy Cotton as Performer Cicely Courtneidge as Performer Jimmy Edwards as Performer Margreta Elkins as Performer Margot Fonteyn as Performer Edmund Hockridge as Performer Kathy Kirby as Performer Ted Ray as Will Hay Anton Rodgers as Performer Ted Rogers as Performer Harry Secombe as Performer Andy Stewart as Performer Reg Varney as Performer Stephanie Voss as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in XIIe europese Beker voor zangvoordracht - 1970?

The cast of XIIe europese Beker voor zangvoordracht - 1970 includes: Jacques Amani as Performer Dyango as Performer Truus as Performer Dova as Performer Francis Bay as Orkestleider Tony Christie as Performer Dominique Dussault as Performer Ann Gaytan as Performer Gilda Gilles as Performer Bobby Hanna as Performer Joanna Hernandez as Performer Julio Iglesias as Himself - Performer Sibylle Kynast as Performer Kai Lichtenberg as Performer Martin Mann as Performer Marius Monkau as Performer Erik Montry as Performer Jaime Morey as Performer Anton Peters as Coach Belgische ploeg Mary Porcelijn as Performer Helen Shepherd as Performer Andee Silver as Performer Jan Theys as Presentatie Roland Thyssen Roland Thyssen as Comboleider Jacco van Renesse as Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in The Stars Salute the U.S. Olympic Team - 1984?

The cast of The Stars Salute the U.S. Olympic Team - 1984 includes: Debbie Allen as Herself - Performer Warren Beatty as Himself - Performer Barbi Benton as Herself - Performer George Burns as Himself - Performer Dyan Cannon as Herself - Performer Kim Fields as Herself - Performer Jane Fonda as Herself - Performer Crystal Gayle as Herself - Performer Merle Haggard as Himself - Performer Lisa Hartman as Herself - Performer Tom Hayden as himself Charlton Heston as Himself - Performer Bob Hope as Himself - Performer Bruce Jenner as Himself - Performer Waylon Jennings as Himself - Performer Rafer Johnson as Himself - Performer Alan King as Himself - Performer Judy Landers as Herself - Performer Emmanuel Lewis as Himself - Performer Hal Linden as Himself - Performer Bob Mathias as Himself - Performer Walter Matthau as Himself - Performer Liza Minnelli as Herself - Performer Willie Nelson as Himself - Performer Wayne Newton as Himself - Performer Chita Rivera as Herself - Performer Wilma Rudolph as Herself - Performer Jane Seymour as Herself - Performer Ben Vereen as Himself - Performer Robin Williams as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Party Pilipinas - 2010?

The cast of Party Pilipinas - 2010 includes: Carla Abellana as Herself - Performer Aljur Abrenica as Himself - Performer Ogie Alcasid as Himself - Performer Rachelle Ann Go as Herself - Performer Julie Anne San Jose as Herself - Performer Ynna Asistio as Herself - Performer Kris Bernal as Herself - Performer Bea Binene as Herself - Performer Sef Cadayona as Himself - Performer Iza Calzado as Herself - Performer Dingdong Dantes as Himself - Performer Glaiza de Castro as Herself - Performer Joshua Desiderio as Himself - Performer Joshua Dionisio as Himself - Performer Geoff Eigenmann as Himself - Performer Miguel Escueta as Himself - Performer Heart Evangelista as Herself - Performer Frencheska Farr as Herself - Performer Barbie Forteza as Herself - Performer Maricris Garcia as Herself - Performer Janno Gibbs as Himself - Performer Raymond Gutierrez as Himself - Host Richard Gutierrez as Himself - Performer Katrina Halili as Herself - Performer Mark Herras as Himself - Performer Bianca King as Herself - Performer Sarah Lahbati as Herself - Performer Kris Lawrence as Himself - Performer Elmo Magalona as Himself - Performer Jolina Magdangal as Herself - Performer Gian Magdangal as Himself - Performer Andi Manzano as herself Wynwyn Marquez as Herself - Performer Jennylyn Mercado as Herself - Performer Diva Montelaba as Herself - Performer Rocco Nacino as Himself - Performer Bela Padilla as Herself - Host Kylie Padilla as Herself - Performer (2010) Rochelle Pangilinan as Herself - Performer Enzo Pineda as Himself - Performer Lovi Poe as Herself - Performer Yassi Pressman as Herself - Performer Gino Quillamor as Himself - Host Rhian Ramos as Herself - Performer Rico Robles as Himself - Host Aicelle Santos as Herself - Performer Dennis Trillo as Himself - Performer Jake Vargas as Himself - Performer Regine Velasquez as Herself - Performer Jonalyn Viray as Herself - Performer Tim Yap as Himself - Host

What actors and actresses appeared in Madonna Mania - 2005?

The cast of Madonna Mania - 2005 includes: Jonathan Ansell as Performer Michelle Heaton as Performer Javine Hylton as Performer Katherine Jenkins as Performer Geoff Lloyd as himself Tony Lundon as Performer Nikki Sanderson as Performer Kevin Simm as Performer Debra Stephenson as Performer Matthew Stiff as Performer Ben Thapa as Performer Sammy Winward as Performer Kelli Young as Performer

What are the certification requirements for a circus performer?

None as far as I am aware in British circus - if one is good enough one gets the job!

What is charlie's job on two and a half men?

I believe he writes jiggles for commercials. Later in the series, he also became a children's song writer/performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Duet Impossible - 2006?

The cast of Duet Impossible - 2006 includes: Lulu as Herself - Performer Amelle Berrabah as Herself - Performer Keisha Buchanan as Herself - Performer Nicky Byrne as Himself - Performer Eva Cassidy as Herself - Performer Kian Egan as Himself - Performer Mark Feehily as Himself - Performer Shane Filan as Himself - Performer Bruce Forsyth as himself Marvin Gaye as Himself - Performer Boy George as Himself - Performer Danny Jones as Himself - Performer Harry Judd as Himself - Performer Vernon Kay as Himself - Presenter Peggy Lee as Herself - Performer Katie Melua as Herself - Performer Roy Orbison as Himself - Performer Dougie Poynter as Himself - Performer Heidi Range as Herself - Performer Dusty Springfield as Herself - Performer Simon Webbe as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Con la primera al 2007 - 2007?

The cast of Con la primera al 2007 - 2007 includes: Eva Amaral as Herself - Performer El Arrebato as Himself - Performer Merche as Herself - Performer Chenoa as Herself - Performer Edurne as Herself - Performer Melendi as Himself - Performer Corinne Bailey Rae as Herself - Performer Carlos Baute as Himself - Host David Bisbal as Himself - Performer Urs Buhler as Himself - Performer David Bustamante as Himself - Performer Jorge Cadaval as Various Characters Nacho Canut as Himself - Performer Teo Cardalda as Himself - Performer Antonio Carmona as Himself - Performer Manuel Carrasco as Himself - Performer David Civera as Himself - Performer Kim Fanlo as Himself - Performer Lolita Flores as Herself - Performer Luis Fonsi as Himself - Performer Julio Iglesias as Himself - Performer Sebastien Izambard as Himself - Performer El Koala as Himself - Performer Ricky Martin as Himself - Performer Mai Meneses as Herself - Performer Rosario Mohedano as Herself - Performer Javier Ojeda as Himself - Performer Antonio Orozco as Himself - Performer Laura Pausini as Herself - Performer Sergio Rivero as Himself - Performer Paulina Rubio as Herself - Performer Mar Saura as Herself - Hostess Rod Stewart as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in OD Overdose - 2007?

The cast of OD Overdose - 2007 includes: Juhani Aaltonen as Himself - Performer Jukka Gustavson as Himself - Performer Iro Haarla as Herself - Performer Jari Hongisto as Himself - Performer Johanna Iivanainen as Herself - Performer Mikko Innanen as Himself - Performer Seppo Kantonen as Himself - Performer Mikko Karjalainen as Himself - Performer Markus Ketola as Himself - Performer Jan Kohlin as Himself - Performer Uffe Krokfors as Himself - Performer Pekka Laukkanen as Himself - Performer Jukka Orma as Himself - Performer Henrik Otto Donner as Himself - Conductor Riitta Paakki as Herself - Performer Mikko Pettinen as Himself - Performer Ilkka Puputti as Himself - Performer Tero Saarti as Himself - Performer Kasperi Sarikoski as Himself - Performer Tero Tuovinen as Himself - Performer Martti Vesala as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Party in the Park 2001 - 2001?

The cast of Party in the Park 2001 - 2001 includes: Anastacia as Herself - Performer Rayvon as Himself - Performer Shaggy as Himself - Performer Catatonia as Themselves Sugababes as Themselves Keisha Buchanan as Herself - Performer Mutya Buena as Herself - Performer Emma Bunton as Herself - Performer Craig David as Himself - Performer Cat Deeley as Herself - Presenter Declan Donnelly as Himself - Presenter Danny Foster as Himself - Performer Jenny Frost as Herself - Performer Nelly Furtado as Herself - Performer Eddy Grant as Himself - Performer Geri Halliwell as Herself - Performer Natasha Hamilton as Herself - Performer Christian Ingebrigtsen as Performer Wyclef Jean as Himself - Performer Tom Jones as Himself - Performer Jay Kay as Himself - Performer Ronan Keating as Himself - Performer Atomic Kitten as Themselves Myleene Klass as Herself - Performer Paul Marazzi as Performer Kym Marsh as Herself - Performer Ricky Martin as Himself - Performer Cerys Matthews as Herself - Performer Liz McClarnon as Herself - Performer Anthony McPartlin as Himself - Presenter Usher Raymond as Himself - Performer Mark Read as Performer Suzanne Shaw as Herself - Performer Noel Sullivan as Himself - Performer Bow Wow as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Pori Jazz 77 - 1977?

The cast of Pori Jazz 77 - 1977 includes: Art Blakey as Himself - Performer Stanley Clarke as Himself - Performer Olivia Cook as Herself - Performer Wallace Davenport as Himself - Performer Urszula Dudziak as Herself - Performer Morris Edwards as Himself - Performer Fran Fields as Himself - Performer Charleton Greene as Himself - Performer Wayne Irwin as Himself - Performer Jack Jeffers as Himself - Performer Freddie Kohlman as Himself - Performer Frederick Lonzo as Himself - Performer Joseph Peter as Himself - Performer David Schnitter as Himself - Performer Michal Urbaniak as Himself - Performer Phil Woods as Himself - Performer

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Gimmicks - 1978?

The cast of Die Gimmicks - 1978 includes: Peer Augustinski as Performer Hans Hoenicke as Performer Joe Luga as Performer Wolfgang Mascher as Performer Anne May as Performer Gottfried Mehlhorn as Performer Karel Otto as Performer Monica Sorice as Performer Monica Teuber as Performer