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How can you get a list of awards and medals awarded to deceased family member?


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July 08, 2009 3:40AM

All Discharges will have a section showing all medals etc. awarded. If a Discharge is not among personal papers, check with County Clerk Office- many vets were told to file a copy of discharge with that office (I did after Vietnam). If the veteran went to college on the GI Bill, the VA (and maybe the college) will have a copy of it as proof of service. If the vet bought a house with VA financing, there's a copy there. And if they bought a house, they were probably entitled to a property tax break, where the discharge would again have to have produced as proof. If the vet joined a VFW or American Legion post, they would have a copy which was submitted to prove eligibility to join. And if the veteran is deceased, the funeral director would have a copy in order to submit for a US flag for the casket. And. of course, the slowest way is to write a letter requesting this information to the US service he was a member of. I know the US Army is: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, US ARMY RESERVE PERSONNEL CENTER, 9700 Page Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63132-5200. Give as much information as you can (Name, dates of service or where service was rendered, rank, service number or social security number. etc. Be sure to include something official (notarized) proving the vet is deceased and your relation to him).