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I wish it was my husband that you wanted, it would go another way and you wouldn't like my work! as the old saying goes: you can't turn a ho into a house wife! I wish he would leave his wife for you, and then I'll come along and take him from you! Then you will be in the same place as his wife! I would pay anything to see the look on your face! get you own man and stop settling for some other woman's sloppy seconds!! A man will never leave his wife for a ho, he just wants his cake and eat it too and you are so stupid for even giving him that much power over your you know that his wife can sue you for alienation of affection from her husband?? Look it up sweetie!!! don't you think that if he's cheating on his wife with you, he's cheating on you with somebody else?? Instead of plotting way of how to get him to leave his wife, you need to see if you are the only ho he's seeing!! You make me sick as a woman, (I mean a skank)What you could do is start with a sexy Dress that shows a lot of cleavage then if that doesn't work then start talking about his interests Good luck!! AnswerHANDS OFF! The man is taken so leave it alone! You can have cleavage down to your thighs and swings your backside and cause a earthquake, but you will only cheapen yourself and look absolutely ridiculous. Believe it or not there are very loyal men out there that don't cheat on their wives. Are you so hard up you have to start going after married men? Here's a thought ... try a single guy or at least one that is divorced.
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Be everything she's not and MORE! But of course while only showing who you really are, don't fake it, he'll hate you later. I can't say it works 100% of the time, but it does work.
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Should you leave your husband for a married man who wants to leave his wife for you?

No. A married man will often say he wants to leave his wife for you just to make you feel special. If a married man does not leave his wife within 6 months after meeting you, chances are he'll never leave his wife for you.

How many percent of married man leave his pregnant wife?

AS far as I know married man with a pregnant wife who's having an affair, hardly leave their wife. I guess only one percent of married man do leave their pregnant wife for a reason that they are not ready for big responsibilities of parenthood.

Will a married man leave his wife for you?

why not if she is a nagging woman or rude and cunning. He will leave his wife for anyone who is kind and full of love.

What should you do if you walk in on your wife with another man?

leave her or join them.

Will a Scorpio man leave his wife for another woman?

Yes, if he can't solve problems with his wife.

Why does a man cheat but wont leave his girlfriend or wife?

he likes variaty.

When a man is married and he has a lovers will he finally leave the wife for the lover if he loves her?

If a married man leaves his wife for the lover, the lover will have to always worry about whether he will leave her too. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

Did his wife leave him or did he leave her?

the wife!

What are some promises of a man to their mistress?

he wants to be with you and he gives himself to you, about i will leave my wife to be with you.

Where does Genesis say that a man shall leave his mother and cling to his wife?

Genesis 2:24 - Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. (KJV)

Why do married men want to leave their wife to be gay?

Nobody leaves their wife to be gay. If a man leaves his wife for another man, it's because he was already gay, and got tired of living a lie.

How do you leave a man that has a wife and won't get a divorce?

W-A-L-K A-W-A-Y !!!!

What does it mean if a man cheated on his wife with mistress then cheats with you?

A man who has cheated on his wife with a mistress and then does it again with you, is a man who is motivated by lust, and who will never be sexually faithful to anyone. If he should ever tell you that he intends to leave his wife and marry you instead, don't believe him.

How many times is leave your father and mother and cleave to your wife in the bible?

In the King James versionthe word - cleave - and the word - wife - appear in the same verse 3 timesGen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.Mat 19:5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?Mar 10:7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;

What should you do if meridian man fall in love with you after he getting arrange married and told that he willing to divorce his wife?

Think of it this way if he is willing to leave his wife for you, then he might be willing to leave you for another woman

Did Jeff Gordon leave his family for a man?

No, he did not. Jeff Gordon is still with his wife and two children.

Is there any easy way to leave a married man that you're in love with?

You can make the man divorce his wife so that he is no longer "married". No there is no easy way to leave. But why stay around, he's a cheater who probably has already started moving in on your replacement. Pity his wife instead.

What is Maternity leave?

Maternity leave is when you leave a job for 1 year to give birth to a child and then care for them... A man gets 4 weeks of a job to help their wife/partner.

Your wife has A friend that is very attractive but she wants to be A man hater she really needs A date how can you convince her?

Leave any of this to your wife and her friend - its best that you do not get involved.

How do you make him leave his wife?

You cannot force anyone to do something they do not want to do and were not ever going to do in the first place. As "the other woman" you are just that "the other woman" unfortunately when a man cheats on his wife he was always intending to just use you for his selfish needs and had no intention to ever leave his wife and/or be with you. You should stay away from this man and move on you deserve better and he will just stay with his wife.

When wife wants divorce should man leave?

Every situation is different - my mother left the house.

Does a married man who is in love with someone else will ever leave his wife?

Yes; some do, but most don't.

What do you do if he is married and likes you?

He's lying, and he just wants to have sex with you. He will not leave his wife for your. Do not get involved with a married man.

How do you make your married boyfriend leave his wife?

If hes going out with you then hes obviously unhappy in his marriage. Ask him that if this is the case why doesnt he end the marriage. If he doesnt want to end the marriage tell him its over. If he likes you enough he would end up choosing you; that would be the ultimate test. remember if you marry a man who left his wife, you the wife of a man who will leave his wife to marry some one else

What will you do if your married man told you that he doesn't have anymore hope with his wife but will not leave her?

A bad marriage alone will not force him to leave. You will have to determine what he is going to do about it to see where you really stand.