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To research colleges and universities that offer graduate programs, click on the related links section ( indicated directly below this answer section.

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Q: How can you get a master's degree on travel industry management?
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Is there a degree a person can complete to be a pro in the leisure industry?

There are a number of degrees that can assist an individual to climb the leisure industry career ladder. Some degree titles include hospitality management, travel and tourism, airport management, or international tourism management.

Do you get good pay for travel and tourism?

That depends on your level of expertise, location, experience and what industry you work in within the travel and tourism industry. The tourism industry is very broad. Everyone from bartenders to CEOs of major airlines and resort developers to the maid at your hotel technically work in travel and tourism. People in the travel and tourism industry have education ranging from high school diplomas to multiple masters degrees and even doctorates. It helps to have at least a bachelor's degree in a Hospitality management, Tourism, event management, hotel and restaurant management or something similar. It also depends on where you live and work. A person in Indiana will not make as much money in the tourism industry as some in say, New York City, Miami or New Orleans. And finally, when you get any job you are valued at your experience. The more experience you have in the industry the more you are worth to the organization that hires you.

What industry sector is event management?

Travel and Tourism, Hospitality , entertainment

Where can I earn a business travel management degree?

There are many tourism and travel management schools across the nation. You can find a list of such schools at

What industry sector is travel agency?

Travel and tourism industry sector.

Is tourism or travel a major industry in Alaska?

tourism and travel is not a industry.

What industry is fedex in?

Travel industry?

What are the Relationships between organizations in the travel and tourism industry -?

Travel industry is a vast term while travel organization is a part of travel industry. This is the main relationship between both of them.

What is 5 sector of hospitality industry?

The five sectors of hospitality are travel, lodging, assembly and event management, restaurants and manage services, and recreation.

Employment Profile For Tourism Management Jobs?

Tourism management is an ever growing segment of the hospitality management industry. Workers seeking employment in this industry have a variety of different positions available to them which include employment as travel managers, lodging managers, rooms managers and food and beverage managers. Each of these positions has unique responsibilities assigned to it, depending on the segment of the industry that the worker is employed. Individuals working in tourism management generally are tasked with the responsibilities of directing and coordinating various departments for the companies they are employed. This may include duties as divers as running the front office or kitchen of a hotel, or handling the publicity and advertising for a particular corporation. Those looking to find employment in tourism management must earn a degree in Hospitality management. Degrees offered in Hospitality management include Bachelors of Business Administration, Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Science, MBA, Masters of Science, and Doctorate of Philosophy. The degrees in this course focus heavily on the management of a wide variety of different facilities which include cruise ships, hotels, motels, travel agencies, convention centers, country clubs, and amusement parks. The curriculum for hospitality and tourism management contain the same core classes as a course in business management, but the focus is on hospitality management. The core curriculum for this course includes information systems, administration, public relations, sectorial studies, finance and accounting. This course also contains degree-specific coursework which includes food science, sustainable tourism, catering management, food and beverage cost control, reservation sales, tourism management, event planning, food sanitation, lodging management, and hospitality marketing. In addition to these course requirements, tourism management courses may also require field experience within the industry which usually takes the form of internships. Entry-level positions in the tourism management industry offer salaries below $28,000 per year. The average salary for workers in this industry is between $34,000 and $62,800 per year. The upper ten percent of those workers employed in this industry have a salary in excess of $84,000 per year. Employment growth in the tourism management industry is expected to grow at a modest rate of six percent over the next decade.

Explain the core concept of marketing for the travel and tourism industry?

When marketing for the tourism industry and travel industry, packages should always be looked at. Tourism and travel go hand in hand, as does the hospitality industry. Most people who travel will want a hotel at their destination.

Define and dicuss the concept of management Explain the functions of a manager in the travel industry?

management is an action in every one's life. without management one cannot attain goals in the life. desire, plan, organize, apply & evaluate to have a good manager.

What service does 'Corporate travel Management' in Australia offer?

'Corporate Travel Management' in Australia offer travel management services to customers. They offer event travel for individuals and groups and meetings.

Could slaves in ancient Rome travel?

Slaves could only travel with their masters.

What jobs can you get with bachelor's degree in tourism management?

You can get a travel agents job. You can also work at hotels and resort properties and you can work for various tourism companies.

What is air travel management?

managing air travel

What is tour and travel management system?

tour and travel management system means the system that manage tour and travel for the passengers on their carrier agent.

Why do you want to join travel industry?

There are many reasons why you may want to join a travel industry. You may want to travel around the world for example.

Components in travel and tourism industry?

Components of travel and tourism we mean the different parts of the industry that provides travel and tourism products and services. -Perky-

Is this travel agency crystal travel management corporation is legal in uk?

Crystal Travel Management Corporation only seems to operate in the US as of 2015.

What are some common jobs in the travel industry?

There are many jobs offered in the travel industry. Some of these jobs include Travel Counselor, Airport Hunter, Travel Agent, and etc. A great place to see what other jobs are available is

What is the Role of travel agency in travel industry?

Travel Agency sales represent over 85% of all the Travel booked world wide. The travel industry relies on Travel Agency's to distribute and promote travel products around the globe directly to the customer.

Where can one find Business Travel Management online?

One can find a business travel management online at the GBTA website. The full name is the GBTA Academy and Global Travel Professional Group. It offers educational programs and certification in business travel management.

What are the sectors in travel industry?

The travel industry has over the years grown to become one of the most important in the world. Some sectors in this industry include hospitality, tourism, and transport.