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How can you get a replacement fuse block coverlid for a 1982 Toyota pickup?


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The 1994 Toyota pickup heater relay location can be found in the fuse block number 3. The fuse block is located above the glove box and can be seen when the glove box is removed.

I own a 92' Toyota pickup and i recently changed the fuel filter. It sat down between the block and the intake manifold on the back near the firewall. Check there.

on the right side of the block either beside or below the oil filter.

a Chevy small block will drop right in ha that will get that little turd to move this place sells egr block plates for your pickup. They work great I have them on my truck. Off road use only ;-)

It should be located on the driver side of the block near the rear of the block behind the exhaust manifold and about 1/2 way vertically up the block.

It most certainly will, you will have to make some modifications but it will fit. Been there, done that.

the cluth fan bolts right up to the water pump mounted on the block

to answer your question. the fuel filter on a 1992 Toyota pickup is on the passenger side of the truck bolted to the block. If you look right up under the fender on the passenger side on the block you should see it.

The Toyota Camry block heater is located on the front of the engine block. You can follow the block heater cord to the block heater.

Passenger side of the block, around the oil filter.

on frame by gas tank on the side of the block under intake About 6 inches back, and 2 inches up from oil filter.

I own a 1986 Toyota pick up with a 4 cyl. 22R engine, and the fuel pump is located at the top left hand corner of the engine block ( looking at the engine from the front of the truck ).

I have a 1992 Toyota pickup, Had a HARD time finding the horn relay myself. The horn relay on my 1992 Pickup is located on the drivers side, to the right (or towards the front of the truck) of the small fuse block that has an access panel door on the kick panel, you have to remove the kick panel to see the relay, in my case it was just unplugged, plugged it back in and horn now works. The relay has printing on it and it says "HORN RELAY" Good luck! Laterz, Len P :) I would like to find the Fuel Pump relay on my 1992 Toyota pickup.

It will be in the suffix code stamped on the block. If it has a "CE" in the suffix code, regardless of displacement it's a replacement block. CE stands for "counter exchange."

Yes it can, you will also need the big block pickup tube

It is important to check the fluid levels of a car. The transmission dipstick of this car is under the cars hood, behind the grill on the front of the engine block and has a red seal.

if the hood is open and your standing in front of the vehicle its on the left and side mounted on the side of the engine block closer to the rear right below the intake manifold and right above the starter

On my 92 Toyota Pickup V6 4X4, it is located in a different section than on the 4cyl. If you are looking straight at the engine, look to your right and down into the engine. Look for the LOWER radiator hose and follow it into the engine block. Romove the housing and this is where the thermostat on my truck was located

freeze plugs are located along sides of block and at rear of block behind the flywheel

It is mounted on the cylinder block, under the Air Inlet Manifold at the rear. It is secured by 2, 12mm headed bolts, which are a bit tricky to access. TIP! Check that the lug bolt-holes of the new filter are exactly the same distance apart as the removed filter body mounting lugs, or the replacement of the two bolts will be very tricky!

The block heater is located near the engine on most cars. This is true also for the 2003 Toyota Rav 4.

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