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Exercise will help define your butt more than anything and just sitting on it won't! Go to the gym and ask them to give you a schedule of proper exercises.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-25 20:57:12
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Q: How can you get a round bubble butt?
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How do you tell if you have a bubble butt?

Well this is an intresting question, but if you look in the mirror and your butt sticks out more than others and is very round then you might have a bubble butt

Does Lucas Grabeel have a big butt?

YES!!! It's big, round bubble butt just like Corbin Bleu's!!

What is a bubble butt?

Bubble Butts are round like a globe, usually complement a slender/slim body, they are very tight and firm.

Is it good to have a bubble butt?

Yes, it means it's not too big and not too small; perfectly round and complements a slim/thin body. (best type of butt)

How to get a bubble butt?


How do you get a bubble butt?

STEPS TO GET A BUBBLE BUTT: 1: Find a lazy weekend. 2: Sit on a couch + watch tv. 3: Only eat sugary foods and drinks. If you sit on your butt while performing these actions, you will grow a bubble butt!

Can you fart a bubble gum bubble?

Only if u can chew gum with your butt cheeks :)

Can you stick a bubble pen up your butt?


If your girlfriend has a big butt should you slap it?

By all means. But if she doesn't like it, be respectful. I agree i love it when my girlfriend lets me squeeze her bubble butt i love women with big round butts that's the way they shgould be

How can a man get big womans bubble butt?


What does bubble butt mean?

It does not mean u have a flat butt.But it does mean u have a big butt I have one

How does a bubble chart look like?

it looks round, kind of like a bubble

What is round and angry?

A raging bubble

Why is the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet misnamed?

bubble butt

Does Tom Cruise have a bubble butt?

yes and no like tulisa

What is a big green bubble that comes out your butt?

in a cartoon it is a fart bubble or in rugrats in Parisit is goo in Phil's pants then he farts and makes a bubble

Why are soap bubbles round?

because the pressure inside the bubble is constant throughout the bubble.

What is another word for bubble butt?

bubble bunsss chnky chunks big bootay junk in the trunk hope this helps :)

How come bubble is round?

Bubbles are "generally" round due to the air pressure acting equally on them from all points around the outside of the bubble. A bubble is round as it is the most energy efficient configuration. The spherical shape also maximizes the ratio of the volume to the surface area.

Who are contract manufacturers for bubble gum?

up your butt and around the corner

How do you ride a heavily fortified bubble butt?

use a seat belt

Is it true that guys like bubble butts on girls?

It depends on the guy and the butt. Some guys don't care so much about girls' butts. If you have a well shaped bubble butt you will not fail to have guys appreciate it.

Why are watermelons round?

Watermelon is round because when it grows it grows like a bubble causing it to grow in a round fruit.

What is a constructive force by the convection in the earth's mantle?

A hoochie mama with a bubble butt

Is the S and W Model 66-1 357 cal K frame considered to have a square butt or round butt as Pachmayr has square and round butt grips and not sure which fits the 66-1?