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How can you get a smaller stomach?

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I dont know if you are referring to your tummy fat or your actual stomach! To get rid of tummy flab start by eating smaller meals through the day and limit your carbs by not eating so much bread, potato, or pasta. Secondly, try and do say, ten crunches per day for a week then move up to twenty. Joining a gym is also helpful. And if you want a smaller stomach (the actual organ) get a tummy staple!

2006-07-14 10:21:14
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Q: How can you get a smaller stomach?
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What is the stomach responsible for in the digestive system?

The stomach churns the food into smaller and smaller pieces with the help of the strong stomach acid, Hydrochloric acid.

Does a dog's stomach get smaller after a false pregnancy?

No, a dog's stomach does not get smaller after a false pregnancy. It remains the same.

Does ice shrink your stomach?

If you mean stomach fat, ice will not make your stomach smaller.

What happens if size of human stomach is reduced?

If the size of the human stomach is reduced, then the person in question, with the smaller stomach, will feel full after eating a smaller amount of food than he or she would have had to eat to obtain a similar sense of satiation, when he or she had a larger stomach. In other words, smaller stomachs get full faster.

What exercises give you a smaller stomach?


Will eating smaller meals shrink your stomach?

Eventually, yes.Our bodies are very good at adapting to what we ask of them, so if you consistently eat small meals over a time, your stomach will eventually adjust to a smaller size.No it will only make your indegesting smaller.

Is a beta fish's eye the size of its stomach?

relatively the same size, however the stomach may be a little bit smaller.

What can you do to make your stomach look smaller?

Do Exercise daily half an hour...

Does anorexia and bulimia make your stomach smaller?

Yes it does, and it rots the lining of your stomach so badly it will ulcerate and cause excruciating pain.

What does stomach mean on the body?

You're stomach is where your food is held then cut down into smaller pieces and later turned into urine or fices.

How does the stomach perform the digestion?

The stomach performs digestion by allowing food to be broken down with the acids in your stomach into smaller particles. Nutrients are then absorbed in the intestine and the rest is flushed out of your body.

Is The stomach is responsible for digestion and all absorption occurs there?

This is not true. Almost all absorption occurs in the small intestine. The stomach simply uses its enzymes to break down food into smaller and smaller molecules. The most mechanical digestion occurs in the stomach due to the constant churning motion.

Which organ contains acid that breaks food into smaller pieces?

The stomach. the enzymes

What organs of digestion chemically digest food?

Enzymes, Stomach Acids. Organs Stomach, Your teeth help break it down into smaller pieces.

Does hulahooping help make stomach smaller?

Hula hooping engages both the midsection as well as the core to help tone down the waist muscles. Continuous practice of hula hooping everyday will eventually make your stomach smaller.

Where is the frog's esophagus located?

The frog esophagus is the tube that leads from the mouth to the stomach. It begins at the top of the stomach where it gets smaller and goes up to the mouth. Behind the mouth, leading down to the stomach.

How do stomach stapling and gastric bands compare as weight loss solutions?

Restrictive operations make the stomach smaller. With a smaller stomach, you will feel full a lot quicker than you are used to. This means that you will need to make big lifelong changes in how you eat-including smaller portion sizes and different foods-in order to lose weight. The most common restrictive surgery is adjustable gastric banding.

What do all living stomach need to develop?

the acid that makes the food into smaller pieces

What happens if you eat too little food?

well your stomach get smaller, and you getting skinny!

Why do the cells in the stomach divide more quickly than those in the liver?

they have smaller cells.

How does the stomach empty out after a gastric bypass?

The function of it is not altered, only the size becomes smaller.

What do Hydrochloric acid in the stomach do?

Hydrochloric acid breaks down the food into smaller particles :)

Do you have a big stomach?

Dear person with a question,It depends on how big you are. If you are bigger than most people you have a bigger stomach, as then if you were small you would have a smaller stomach than most people. :)-MW (Monkey Woman)

Is Slimband and stomach banding the same thing?

Slimband is a type of stomach banding. The intent of the process is cordon off part of the upper stomach. This essentially makes the used portion of the stomach smaller and helps people eat less and lose weight.

How do you shrink your stomachs?

In order to shrink your stomach is to just eat smaller amounts of food at one time. That way your stomach will get used to that amount and shrink accordingly.