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How can you get a vehicle loan with no credit and without a cosigner?


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It's extremely hard!!! I'm going through something similar right now. I have massive amounts of medical bills from a car accident almost 2 years ago. My credit score has gone down by 200 points leaving me no option but to have someone else sign for me. Which creates another problem. Apparently, lenders will not allow me to carry insurance on a vehicle that's in someone else's name. They call it a "straw loan" and this is now illegal because it originally referred to someone buying a gun for someone who wasn't allowed. I guess this is how the Columbine shootings happened. So, those idiots who killed so many (which is far worse than not being able to get a lousy car loan) has screwed it up for others as well. May they burn in HELL!!! So, I guess the bottom line is that you really don't have a good shot at getting a car loan unless you want to go through one of those places that will finance you w/ bad credit. Here's the problem, your rates are going to be way high. Like, you'll be paying $35,000.00 for a $22,000.00 car at the end of your loan!!!