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Does she seem to enjoy talking to you and go out of her way to say hello to you? Do you have the same interests? Ask her to grab a bite to eat after school or on the weekend. She's either interested or she's not. The same way you'd get any girl to like you. Her religious preference has nothing to do with it. It may help you to learn a few things about the religion so she's a bit more comfortable talking with you about it. As long as you like her for who she is and are perfectly okay with what she believes in you should be fine. Tagging her as the wiccan girl at school might not help things.


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Suspicion? Witchcraft is real, there is many witches today, but they are not like you think. Search "Wiccan" into Google and research a little. It is a very interesting religion. But remember a Wiccan is not necessarily a witch and a witch is not necessarily a Wiccan. Blessed Be. (source: i am a wiccan witch ;) )

You can be a Wiccan no matter what age you are. The Wiccan are non-discriminatory.

No but you can get wiccan books in Hastings.

A Wiccan is a person who practices the religion of Wicca.

Yes anyone can be a Wiccan you do not have to be a blood relative of another Wiccan! Anyone can join Wicca! You just have to follow some rules just like a christian! Satan does not exist in the religion Wicca! I just joined Wicca 3 days ago(it is 12/5/09 now) that is how I know you can. Plus I have been searching the internet since I became a Wiccan and everything said that "anyone can be a Wiccan."

Wicca is a priesthood.There's no such thing as a Wiccan stone.People are not stones, Wiccan or otherwise.

One can search for Wiccan supplies online at a number of different websites. One can search for Wiccan supplies at websites such as AzureGreen, SacredMidsts, and Wiccan Way.

A Wiccan is a follower of the Wiccan spiritual path, while a wooden ring is, well, a wooden ring. I'd say in this case it's a wooden ring belonging to a wiccan.

do you carry on wiccan do you carry books on wicca

All Wiccans are pagan, not all pagans are Wiccan. That said, I am unable to determine if she is either pagan or Wiccan.

Wiccan tree as in Yule tree? There aren't very many rules in Wicca, Paganism, or Witchcraft. Take it down when you feel like taking it down.

There is no such thing as a "Wiccan poem". If you have a Wiccan friend, you could ask them to write one specifically for you.

No, to be Wiccan is to be your self. Their is no set rules. The Wiccan rede is more like a guideline. Like all spiritual paths Wicca is one way to learn to live. The best way to live pagan - be it Wiccan or other is to be a kind, caring, honest, ethical, and genuine human being. The Wiccan Rede is not really a guideline any more than the ten commandments are guidelines to Christians. It says: "An it harm none, do as thou will." and a lot of people think that gives them license to do whatever they like. However... HARM and NONE are very large concepts, and in fact can be very restrictive, depending on your interpretation of those two words.

1. They follow a recognized tradition of Wicca. 2. They are part of a Wiccan coven. 3. They believe in the concepts of the Wiccan religion.

Although Wicca is a matriarchal religion, guys can most definitely be Wiccan.

Every Wiccan is their own priest or priestess.

Wicca is a religion, a priesthood to be exact, there's no such thing as a Wiccan stone.

Wiccan is a spiritual path, it is not a ethnicity nor is is specific to a single country. Therefore it does not have a language of its own. In English the Wiccan word for money is "money".

Yes, there are stores selling Wiccan items in MA.

Frederic Lamond - Wiccan - was born in 1931.

Whichever ones you like the best. They're not magical.

Dawn is known as a Moonchild, or a Wiccan in Training according to the creators.

There are no spells, Wiccan or otherwise, that work. Spells are fantasy and entirely fictional.

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