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In state you need a 3.7 or above. out of state 4.2 and out of state about 38,000 dollars a year to pay for it.

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Q: How can you get accepted by UCLA?
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How many applicants for UCLA are accepted?

about 33%

What is the required GPA to get accepted into UCLA if you are an athlete?

UCLA doesn't base admissions solely on GPA.

What percent of applicants are accepted at UCLA?

27 27

How many students out of 100 are accepted to UCLA?


How may students out of 100 are accepted in UCLA?

In fall 2009 the overall acceptance rate for UCLA was 21.7%. Therefore currently about 22 out of 100 students who apply are accepted. Good luck!

What is the average GPA accepted by UCLA?

a GPA of about 3.32 - 3.77 if you aren't a trasfer student.

What are the top uc schools?

Different UCs have better programs in different fields, but typically the toughest UCs to get accepted to are UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD.

What is UCLA?

UCLA is a University in California.

What is the population at UCLA?

What is the population at UCLA

What is the original name for UCLA?

Ucla -_-

Who is the mascot for UCLA?

The UCLA's mascot the bear known as the Bruin. The Bruin is UCLA's mascot.

Where does Shawn Johnson want to go to college?

Shawn says that she is hoping for Stanford or UCLA even though she has been accepted to many others.

What college or university did Tyra Banks attned?

Tyra Banks did not attend college but was accepted to USC and UCLA, according to wikipedia.

What LSAT score do you need to be accepted into ucla law school?

The usual LSAT is at least 167+. It is possible to get accepted with a lower LSAT score, but that usually is only in cases where the applicant has one hell of a background story to make up for the low score.

What university is bigger UCLA or usc?


What majors does ucla have?

ucla has animal science

What is ucla motto?

What's UCLA's motto/

Does ucla have cheerleaders?

Yes, UCLA has cheerleaders.

What is the UCLA website?

UCLA's website is

Hawaii vs Ucla who won?


Is UCLA a religious school?

is ucla religion

When was UCLA founded?

I believe UCLA was founded in 1919.

What is the population in Ucla?

The student population for UCLA is 39,650.

What are UCLA's colors?

UCLA's colors are blue and gold.

What degrees does UCLA offer?

What degrees do UCLA give