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How can you get an animal friend in pixie hollow without being a member?


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you can get diamonds and then buy an animal friend




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There is no way to get a free pet. If you are a member, you can buy an animal friend with diamonds or ingredients. If you are not a member, you have to pay with diamonds. However for anyone, member or not, there is no way to get an animal friend for free.

no, you can totally get codes without being a member

To get an animal friend you must be a member and to be a member you must buy a membership also you will find the animal shop in Springtime Orchid it is called Beck's Animal Nursury ..... Click the shop find the animal you want and if you have enough money simply press buy thanks for reading :D ~BiebersGotSwagga1

You still have clothes, you just get more as a member.

you can become a member or you can go to www.google.com and serech pixie hollow codes.

sory. you have to pay in order to be a member

The answer is simple: You can't. You must be a member to enter there. I'm sorry.

Well really there is nothing you can buy on pixie hollow without being a member except for at the basic shop in drewdrop vale.

if you are a member, you can go to Beck's Animal Nursery in Springtime Orchard to buy a pet.

go to pixie post office at neverfruit grove on the map its for non member fairies and member fairies

I'm afraid not. I'm not a member, and I can't buy ANY party items.

how do you get a guest pass to be a member of pixie hollow

Yes you can with some code I guess 09098132311

u have to be a member and go to Shelly salon there is lots of hair styles there hope this helps and you can be my friend on pixie hollow my name is Lovely blossom

By leveling up, trading for them, or getting a member allowance.

you cant. you have to be a member before,then buy it then when your member ship runs out you will have the member stuff.

i am sorry my friend but there is no code to be a member .avoid scammers and have fun!

you really can't you can make it for the communty but not your self

Yes, but you must buy the party and games with Diamonds.

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