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If you have cousins you've never met that live far away and you want to get to know them how do you go about it? This happens in many families. I have cousins in the U.S., Ireland, Scotland and who knows where else. Unfortunately, sometimes our parents never keep in touch even by letter and we can go through life not knowing who some of our relatives are. You could start with asking your parents, an aunt, grandparents who the cousins are and where do they live. You need names to find the people. Hopefully someone in the family will have this information. Even if you get a name and you don't know exactly where they live you can do a search on the internet. Morman churches keep excellent records of births and deaths (and you don't have to be a Morman.) Hopefully you don't have a common last name and it will be easier to search out. If you find any last names (or recognize a cousins name) then you could try to get their phone # (by information from the operator) or if you're lucky enough to have an address you could write and introduce yourself and express that you would like to visit them. Geneaology is really a roaring business right now and a lot of people are tracking down their roots. I am actually doing that on both sides of my family and it's a lot of fun. It takes time and effort. Unfortunately, most websites charge for the information and you can't always rely on the info you get. It's best to ask older family members about relatives and you'd usually get correct information on how to contact them or at least where they live which will narrow down your search. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How can you get connected with your cousins if they live far away and many of them do not know you but you want to be close and have a relationship with them?
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