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How can you get emacipated from your parent if you are 17 year old?


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Can a parent legally kick-out their 17 year old in Michigan ?

Yes, a 17 year old will need a parent present at a court hearing. If the 17 year old has an attorney they may be able to be there in place of the parents.

Yes. An emancipated minor is a legal adult and is responsible for him/herself completely, including the choice to move out of state.

No, a 17 year old can not move out with a 19 year old in Illinois without parent approval. If the 17 year old has approval, they can move out.

{| |- | The age of majority in Alabama is 19. Alabama does not have an emancipation act. There is an act that will allow an 18 year old to sign contracts. |}

yes well only if your parent aproves of it

No, a SC parent cannot kick out her 17 year old child out of the house. The age of legality is 18/19 years old or after graduation.

When I married at 17 to a 19 year old, a parent ot guardian signature was required.

If that is what the parent wants, they can do so. The parent can decide where the minor lives.

A parent can try to make their 17 year old come home at 10:00pm but the child can chose to do whatever they want.

with the parent of the 17 year old girl's consent although sadly i think a 17 year old girl may prefer to date and marry a person nearer her own age..

Yes,a 17 year old can legally drop out of school but, only with a parent consent.

A 17 year old can rent an apartment in Illinois but only with the cosigning of a parent. There are a few other stipulations.

it depends on what kind of parent the 17 year old has.

No, you have to be 18 to sign a contract.

A 17 year old can not enter into a legally binding contract. Therefore a parent or guardian must countersign the Insurance Application.

The parent would have to go to the Court and assign you as the 17 year olds Legal Guardian..If the Mother and Father share joint custody of the 17 year old then you will need the permission of both parents.

If a 17 year old quits school, you as a parent or guardian will still have to pay for support because the 17 year old is still not of legal adult age which is 18.

Yes and no. A 17 year old can travel to Canada without a parent, but that 17 year old will need SOMEONE with him that is over the age of 18. Both of those people will need two forms of ID: state identification (driver's license or other) and a Birth Certificate.

In most places, yes, with parental consent.

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