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If your easy enough it will happen, but how many does one really need. You should respect yourself more than that. If you don't, you can hardly expect anyone else to.

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Q: How can you get every guy in school to want to be your boyfriend?
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What does it mean when a guy this guy is not my boyfriend tells you that you have his love and respect?

It Means he want to be your boyfriend!

You you want a boyfriend and im ten but you cant get a guy to ask you out what do you do?

10 is a little young to have a boyfriend, but if you really want one you should ask a guy out.

Why does the guy you like always stare at you but fail to approach you now when he approached you before?

it means the guy totally likes you, my ex boyfriend still stares at me in EVERY subject in school

I have a boyfriend and one of my guy friends also want to be my boyfriend I dont want to be mean to him?

Unfortunately you have to simply tell him you have a boyfriend and are not interested in him that way.

What does it mean When a guy say do you want to go out with me?

It mean Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Why does your guy friend keep asking you time and again if you have a boyfriend?

because ha want's to be your boyfriend or he just want's to know

What should you do when you have a boyfriend but you like this other guy a lot but don't want to hurt anyone?

If you have a boyfriend, but like another guy, you have to decide who you want. Be careful about giving up the boyfriend for someone who may not have the same feelings for you.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you like another guy?

Well it depends how much you love your boyfriend. But if you really like the other guy then break up with your boyfriend and go out with the other guy.. But be careful how you word it if you still want to stay friends with your boyfriend.

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If he's your boyfriend you should already be dating... shouldn't you.... you just don't call a random guy your boyfriend!

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No one can be the best boyfriend every guy gonna have flaws in different areas he's not going to be perfect

What does it mean if a guy doesnt want to be around his girlfriend?

Generally, this means that said boyfriend does not want to be with the girlfriend. If this is you, then maybe you should break up with your boyfriend.

Steps to get over a boyfriend?

Think Ove another guy you Really Want to Have

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