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These are some good reflex exercises you can practice:

1. Woods Running - Run through any wooded area, dodging trees and navigating uneven terrain. The faster you go, the better practice it is.

2. Wall Ball - bounce a ball against a wall. Standing closer to the wall and throwing harder will make it more difficult. The best way is with an oddly shaped ball so the bounce is not predictable.

3. Slap a Friend - This one requires a partner. The partner holds his or her hands out and your put your hands on top of theirs and they try to slap the tops of your hands before you can pull them away. There are many variations of this game that can make it more difficult if you're creative enough.

Answer1st know what your strengths are: strategy, skill, speed, strength, etc..

You can't have it all, know what your strengths are 1st and build upon that.

You can strengthen your lack in speed by training hard with a really good trainer!

Answerbe more alert

Or, you can repeatedly use a variety of stimuli to enhance your prowess of you're reflexes

AnswerReflexes depend on three main factors: vision (sight), coordination (neuromuscular) and reaction time (neurological)

The first can be educated and trained with specific exercises mainly training sudden change of depth or focus, lateral vision and "scanning". You can also add some Vitamin A to your nutrition.

The second can also be trained with specific exercises particularly "centering", balance and sudden response movements. A good nutrition will also keep your system sharp

The third can be trained with concentration exercises and the alternation of concentration and relaxation as well as exercising all your cognitive senses daily.

Once you have set a good training plan on all three factors, play games as i.e. throwing a tennis ball against a wall at short distance and go decreasing the distance daily.

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Q: How can you get faster reflexes?
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Who has faster reflexes boys or girls?

You can not tell who has faster reflexes, it has not been proven anywhere.But i think it is boys who have faster reflexes because they play more sports and video games. :P

Who has faster reflexes?


Which gender has faster reflexes?

Studies have been conducted that show men have faster reflexes than women. This is in both visual and audio stimuli.

Who's reflexes are faster kids or adults?

Sorry to say, but the older you get the slower your reflexes are. But with age comes the wisdom to temper your reactions.

What is the results of who has the faster reflexes males of females?

Hands down...Females.

Animals with quick reflexes?

Flies. They are at least ten times faster than we are.

Does jump rope make you faster?

it helps quicken your reflexes, so in turn it should mske u a little faster.

Explain why higher reasoning or conscious thought are not necessary or desirable features of reflexes.?

Because reflexes permit faster responses without having to bypass several synapses.

What is the purpose of reflexes in homeostasis?

Reflexes provide the body with a rapid mechanism for self-protection. Because they don't require thought, they are faster than voluntary muscular responses.

How fast are the Hulk's reflexes?

Given the nearly-instantaneous production of incredible muscular force, his reflexes would have to be on a par with mammalian animals, or considerably faster than the average human.

Are younger girls reflexes faster than younger boys?

Usually. Girls develop before than boys in many ways, reflexes is one of the things they first develop So girls reflexes are better than boys until they are in high school.

Why do vampires have skills?

because theyre blood inhances their senses and reflexes making them stronger, faster and more skilful...

Why does animals respond very fast?

they respond fast because they have faster reflexes there senses are more developed then humans.

How does having quick reflexes benefit your body?

Means you will be able to react faster to what happens. Can help you avoid accidents.

What does Reflexes 2 in medical terms mean?

"Reflexes 2" or "reflexes +2" indicates normal reflexes.

Why is it good to have good muscle strength?

You will be healthier and stronger so you will have more agilty and have faster reflexes, it it helps your heart and arteries

Does left or right handers have faster reflexes?

A right handed person has to send a signal from the right side of the brain to the left side before the signal is sent to the body. A left handed person gets the signal direcly on the left side of the brain, therby left handed person have slightly faster reflexes.

How does a dog or cat catch a fly better than we can swat them?

because a dog has way faster reflexes than any human

What is reflexes 2 plus?

Normal reflexes

Name two somatic reflexes in which the higher brain centers participate?

There are two somatic reflexes that the higher brain centers participate. The two reflexes are papillary light reflexes and superficial cord reflexes.

What reflexes are classified as autonomic reflexes?

The ciliospinal reflex and the pupillary light reflex are classified as autonomic reflexes.

When does a baby have reflexes?

Babies are born with reflexes. These reflexes, such as rooting and sucking, make it so the baby can survive.

What would happen if you had no reflexes?

if you don't have reflexes,you can't move because your body like a rock and a reflexes.

How does alcohol affect reflexes?

Alcohol slows reflexes.

Which mammal has slow reflexes?

The sloths have slow reflexes.