How can you get flat abs without putting a lot of strain on your back if you might have back problems?


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2015-07-15 21:49:04
2015-07-15 21:49:04

i haven't put a lot of thought into this (as in i haven't gotten up just now to try this out, I'm used to standard sit-ups), but an inverted sit-up (not the proper name) may aid you.

presuming you are capable of doing so, lay on your back with legs fully extended, arms straight to your side. now, instead of raising your torso to your knees to 'crunch' your abs, invert this and raise your knees as far as you can to your torso - the effort to do so, provided you do not push off the ground with your legs, will be purely an abdominable effort, and thus can actually be a more effective method of working your abs. most often you will not be able to reach your chest completely with your knees, but often reaching a "sitting" type position is sufficient. alternatively, if you have access to proper gym equipment, a lot of sets come with a structure by which this exercise can be done whilst standing; however, gravity comes into greater play then (i.e. more difficult).

at most such an exercise might place pressure on your lower back, though this should be minimal, most of the effort is being exerted at the front in the abs. hope this aids!

Reverse crunches


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