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Go to Court.

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Q: How can you get full custody of your unborn child My baby's dad is an illegal immigrant on probation who keeps violationg it if that matters?
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Can someone who is an illegal immigrant and has a baby with someone from the USA get child custody?

I think that an immigrant has the right to get custody of his or her child just like an American citizen.As long as they are fit and respondsible parents.

Can an illegal immegrant get joint custody?

Yes. Immigrant status has no bearing when it comes to paternal rights.

When the illegal immigrant will be deported?

The illegal immigrant will be deported when caught.

Would a court appoint custody to an illegal immigrant father that resides in the US illegally if the mother that is a legal citizen dies and the children have a stepfather that wants custody?


Can an illegal immigrant father take custody from a us citzen mother?

This would be dependent on circumstances, such as the mother being abusive.

Can an illegal immigrant get legal if he has a kid born in the United States?

No, that just means that the child will be a US immigrant. The illegal immigrant will still be illegal.

How can an illegal immigrant return to Mexico?

There's no such thing as an ''illegal immigrant'', a human being can't be illegal.

Can an illegal immigrant be granted immediate custody of a child when the father is an illegal drug user?

Most likely the illegal immigrant will be deported to the country he/she came from and the parent will be thrown in jail. The child may have to stay with a family member or foster care until found a good living environment

Can illegal immigrant go to the hospital?

An illegal immigrant can go to a hospital for emergency medicine.

Can an illegal immigrant father have custody of children of us citizen mother?

Yes. His immigration status bear no significance when it comes to parental rights.

Can an illegal immigrant file for unemployment?

No, an illegal immigrant cannot file. You must be a "legal" immigrant for any U.S. benefits.

Could an Illegal immigrant parent have child custody over American parent?

Maybe, but it would be difficult unless extentuating circumstances exist. Custodial issues are mandated under state laws whereas immigration issues are the jurisdiction of federal authorities. Although being in the US as an illegal immigrant it is not the best situation to be in such a matter, the judge determines whether joint custody, primary custody or sole custody is granted based on the best interest of the child.

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