How can you get help to be in a healthy relationship if you're a 29-year-old female and always seem to go for weaker partners and eventually push them away because of your selfish behavior?

If you really sit down alone and go over your past you either had abusive parent(s) who were extremely controlling or a relationship with a man that was. There is always a reason. Even the way you were treated at school could have some bearing on this. Peer pressure can really hurt some young people.

You have put up a barrier to protect yourself. Inwardly you actually dislike men so that leads me to believe you have been badly hurt by a man and are getting even with each and every man you go out with. You must come to understand that all men are not alike and there are some wonderful guys out there.

You should seek out counseling to get to the bottom of this before you ruin your life. The counselor will get to the root of your problem and apply some tools for you to use so you can find and keep a better relationship.

By the way, you aren't selfish, you're just protecting yourself, but going about it the wrong way. If you don't treat others with the respect they show you then you won't get any respect back. What you consider as weaker partners usually is the farthest from the truth. They are just good guys treating you right and if you want to treat them on the nasty side they'll just disappear on you rather than to cause an argument over it. That's smart!

Good luckMarcy