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Insurance companies offer renter's insurance which covers the person's personal property, such as furniture, clothing, appliances, jewelry, and so forth. The coverage for the house itself is the responsibility of the owner.

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Can mortgage interest and insurance be deducted on a rental home even if someone doesn't own another home and is renting too?

If you own the home in question (the title is in your name), you can deduct mortgage interest. If you are renting out the home, you can deduct some of the costs of having it as a rental, but I am not sure about the insurance. If you are renting the house only, without ownership, you may not deduct the interest.

Does house insurance cover a mortgage if the holder dies?

NO Home Owners insue covers the Home. You might look to Mortgage Insurance for paying a mortgage.

Why is buying a house a better investment than renting an apartment?

Renting an apartment is not an investment. Mortgage payments increase the home-owner's equity.

Will homeowner's mortgage insurance pay for failing drainage pipes under foundation?

Mortgage InsuranceNo, Mortgage Insurance is NOT Homeowners Insurance. Mortgage Insurance does not cover your home at all.Mortgage Insurance covers your finance note, not your home.

Do you need to tell your mortgage company if you rent your house?

No, you do not. The deed has a due on sale clause, but no stipulation for renting your home.

Should home insurance be more than home mortgage?

This depends on how much money you are borrowing on a mortgage. If you have a small mortgage, ie you have borrowed very little and are insuring a big house in a high risk area, the home insurance could be higher but generally most people would be spending thousands per year on mortgage and hundreds on house or contents insurance.

Do you have to get insurance if you pay cash for a house?

No. If there are no mortgage requirements that you carry insurance then it is completely up to the home owner.

What does hazard insurance mean in a mortgage?

It's referencing your House insurance. Homeowners insurance is also known as a Home Hazard Insurance Policy.

If you are renting your home and living with your boyfriend at his home why won't your insurance company cover your home?

It is possible that you have to be occupying the house to be covered by insurance. They see it as unprotected by the owner and anything could happen to it. I cant possibly be the first person to try and insure a property Im not occupying. Homeowners insurance covers your home, and a house you are renting to someone else is not your home. It can be insured, but you need a different policy.

Is it harder to get a home insured if you have moved out and are now renting the property and can the mortgage company object to doing this and can they forbid renting it out?

No. Be sure you only insure the dwelling and not the contents inside. You should ask your tenants to have renters insurance to cover their personal belongings. Your mortgage company will require that you have adequate coverage but is not concerned with personal belongings inside the home. As far as I know, the mortgage company has no say in who lives in the home.

Where can you get cheap house insurance?

Many times when you buy a home, your mortgage broker will have a line on reasonable house insurance rates. This is because they cannot finish their sale without it being insured. I would ask your mortgage agent.

Do you have to have homeowners insurance?

If you own the home, with no mortgage on it, no, you do not have to have insurance. That said, it is very ill advised to not have insurance. When buying a home, insurance is generally required so that in case of any loss, the financial institution that holds the mortgage note is protected from loss should the house be damaged or destroyed.

The husband has his name only in the mortgage deed and mortgage insurance if he dies would mortgage company get the house or would the wife?

I believe you need a different type of insurance to cover the house if he passes away. Mortgage insurance in Australia will not allow the wife to retain the house in the case of death. Personally i just bought a home and got the guys at to set up the insurance so that if either my husband or i pass away the house is still ours and the mortgage is payed out in full

If you do a reverse mortgage CAN you rent out your home?

No, you must keep the home as your primary residence, renting out the home is a violation of the mortgage agreement and could result in the mortgage note being called due.

If you buy a house do you have to pay rent?

If you purchase a home you have to pay a mortgage which is a repayment of a loan you used to purchase the house. Paying rent is when you sighed a leasing agreement for an apartment you are renting.

Should I buy mortgage insurance for a home?

You will have to buy mortgage insurance for a home. I don't believe it is an option as it is required while you have an outstanding mortgage. Look into the best available.

What are the benefits of purchasing home mortgage insurance?

A home mortgage insurance allows a person to buy a home without meeting the 20% down payment. it also allows for more flexibility by affordable premiums. Home mortgage insurance can be transferred from one home to another.

What if your financial advisor handling your settlement for your house was to obtain you home insurance He took out a policy on your home and listed your name Is this legal Should they have gotten you?

If your "advisor" was handling all your financial arrangement for the house, AND he negotiated a mortgage to pay for it - then the mortgage company would REQUIRE that there be an insurance policy on the house in order to protect their monetary interest in it.

How can I determine the best insurance to choose when renting a home?

You can go to and read the section on insurance for rent home.

What is a good way to get a cheap home mortgage?

A good way to get a cheap home mortgage is by buying a home that is small. The larger the house, the more the mortgage will cost. The mortgage depends on the size of the house.

Do you have to insure your home for more than the mortgage balance?

To the insurance company, your mortgage balance has no impact on how much insurance coverage you need for your home. Homeowners insurance is based on the replacement/reconstruction cost of your home.

Does home insurance pay for home equity line of credit when you have a house fire?

No, it won't pay your mortgage note or your equity line note, but your homeowners insurance will pay to repair the fire damage to your home.

Will home owners insurance be added to my mortgage payment?

The home owner's insurance will be added to the monthly payment. Not only for the safety of the property itself it is also a requirement for most states to have it on the house.

When someone buys a house to let others rent what is a good mortgage company to use?

If you are looking for a mortgage on a home you will be renting out to others you have several choices. You should check different mortgage companies to see who can give you the lowest interest rate and best price.

Is mortgage insurance optional?

no. If you have a loan greater than 80% of the value of the home and the lender requires mortgage insurance, then it is not optional.