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You might try you local area nursing homes, or contact your nearest branch of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). A warning: don't expect vets to go into too much detail. Many are trying to forget lots of things, not remember them. But they will talk in general terms.

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Q: How can you get in touch with a World War 2 veteran to interview for a school project?
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How can you get the email address of a World War 2 veteran to interview?

Try the American Legion or Veteran's of Foreign War chapters in your area. There are still a few of the old vets still living. And if you can get a couple of them talking together, they will surely start swapping stories and trying to out do each other. At that point, just sit back and listen! Don't be surprised if they are reluctant to talk about the war, so the article you are writing or a book had better be interesting and correct to get them to talk. Another option is to visit a Veteran's Nursing Home.

How would you locate a World War 2 veteran who participated in any part of the war who would allow you to interview them for a class project?

Luis, don't use the phone. Go to your nearest VA hospital and ask for a veteran volunteer for your project, who would agree to talk to you. And take a simple, thoughtful gift. As you would for any dying family member. If you don't want to do the above you could always try the internet. There are alot of WW2 Vets on the internet. But the very best way to do it would be to talk to them face to face the the person above suggested. Yes, I strongly agree to just search the web unless you do have time to go to a hospital, The web would surely have what you need.

Where can you find people who lived during World War 2 to interview for a school project?

Veterans organizations are a great place to start. Check your local area for VFW and American Legion. They can put you in touch with veterans of the war and their spouses. Retirement homes could be another resource. Churchs could be another avenue to put you in contact with the older generations.

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