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That usually requires replacement. However, you can try drilling a small hole at the bottom of the lens or housing. This might let the moisture dry out. Good luck.

additional info: I've had this same problem with a number of vehicles with replaceable light bulbs and not the sealed beam type of headlights. My fix has always worked great although you might find it kinda strange. I drill several quarter inch holes in the back of the headlight housing under the hood and then cover the holes with a large high quality bandaide. This lets air circulate some allowing the condensation out but at the same time keeps rain and carwash splash out. The problem goes away almost immediately and stays away. Just be prepared for some questions from a mechanic if you ever take it in for dealer work.....

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Q: How can you get moisture out of the headlights of a 1995 Ford F-150?
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no you shove it up buttocks no you shove it up buttocks

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