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Want More Curves?Some people's bodies are unchangable. You can be curvy and long to be skinny, or vice-versa. It all depends on how your metabolism handles itself. For some people it's just really hard to change your body. It's just the way you were born. But some ways you can try to have that womanly Eve look, is DEFINITELY not by endulging yourself in that decadent triple layer chocolate-cheesecake you just get spur of the moment cravings for. I say, once a while, that's perfectly fine, and actually healthy, but every craving you get, no. Because after a while, it becomes a psychological thing, and even though you seem to have a craving, it's just your way of making up an excuse for eating the dang cake. A way to curve up your body is by maybe by trying a new excercise routine, I mean, you'd be amazed on how many excercises there are to tone exactly the part of your body exactly the way you want it. It just takes work. But hey, If that doesn't work, don't freak out. There's nothing wrong with you, or your not not working yourself hard enough. It might just be the way you are. Your natural body part. I would just say, the heck with it, and just love the way you look no matter what, and if other people can't do it, then you don't need them in your life. Nobody's perfect right?
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Q: How can you get more curves to make your body look more womanly?
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Do convex mirrors make you look bigger or smaller?

Convex mirrors (curving outwards from side to side) make you look wider; if the mirror curves from top and bottom as well as from side to side you'll look shorter and wider. concave mirrors (curving inwards from side to side) make you look thinner; if the mirror curves inwards from top and bottom as well you'll look shorter and thinner.

Besides black, what color of dress should I purchase so that I can look slimmer?

A dress that is not to tight, and accuentiates your curves will make you look your best.

Does Nicki Minaj like publicity?

Of course she likes publicity - do you see the way she dresses, her make-up, and her hair?! She must be doing this for the press to like her and take more pictures of her! Did you know that she had plastic surgery on her bum, boobs, and had one rib on taken out on each side to make her body look like it has a perfect womanly shape? She loves he press and publicity.

Why do you look pregnant but you are not?

Your mind can sometimes make you think your pregnant when your not and can make you have body changes to make you look pregnant.

Why do we need mineral in our body?

2 make it look sexier

Why do boys like girls wit curves?

they like girls with curves because it shows off their more feminine side. i mean, guys like boobs and butts. its the truth, we all know it. but curves make ladies beautiful, just look at Marylin Monroe, she was curvy and gorgeous. guys dont want to have a stick girl as their girlfriend because there isnt anything to them

How does bellydancing make your body look?

Belly dancing improves the core

Why do you look different in space?

When you are in space, the fluid in your body is pulled towards your head to make you look different.

Why does the spine curve during pregnancy?

Your spine naturally has curves even before pregnancy. The spine consist of 4 specific curves: Cervical curve, Thoracic curve, Lumbar curve, and Pelvic Curve Curves in the spine provide support for the weight in the human body, and also make it easy to balance this weight. The spine also help balance your head and give structure support to your ribs. It may seem like you notice the curves more since you have "extra baggage" that may put pressure on spine.

How exactly are french curves designed?

They aren't. French curves were handmade to make smooth curves on hand-drawn drawings. They had no real formulae and every maker made many with smaller and larger radii in all sorts of sizes. Big ones were used for ships hull curves. There are ways of making similar curves with any CAD program, and that's how it's done today.

I am a male can you feminize your body through exercise and how?

Yes you can, well I'm 14 n i well don't exercise that much but i eat a healthy diet and i used to be chubby and now I've got a lovely figure :) and when i get hormones from the doctors it will obviously look even better... so yeah you CAN improve your body shape through loosing a bit weight and walking more for your leg muscles and make your bum look bigger :P (improve your curves)

How can a 13 year old girl make her body look like Nicki minaj body?

get plastic serjery

Does a small waist make your hips look wider?

Yes. Small waist make your hips look wider. It is relative to each other and to body also.

How did studying the human body help Greek artists make their statues look real?

you dont really have to study the human body to make good statues. The artist's close look at the person itself is enough to make a good statue with the proper proportions of the human.

How do you make a picture brighter in GIMP?

Try "curves" (under color - under levels).

What is the definition of a squaw?

Squaw is a phonetic rendering of Algonkian words mean woman- the complete woman, or all that is female or womanly. It is not the word but the Way it is said that will make it offensive or not.

Why do men like women in tights so much?

Men like women in tights so much because tights generally make your legs look slimmer and sexier. Mens attraction to us is our curves and tights help show off the shape of our legs. Men like women in tights so much because tights generally make your legs look slimmer and sexier. Mens attraction to us is our curves and tights help show off the shape of our legs.

Do curves pills work to make your booty bigger?

No, a pill, nutrient, or chemical can't do that. Heredity controls where and how much fat is deposited anywhere in an individuals body. The only other factor in changing the proportion of a part of the body are exercises designed for that purpose, or plastic surgery.

How did Cora make the body look like Archie and who was it on Once Upon a Time?

Magic :)

What do neutral fats do for the body?

They make you look neutral to people at large; in other words: not interesting :-)

How can you make a 2003 Mitsubishi galant look cool?

Rims,Body Kit, Lowering,Tints.

Which side of your body is your pancreas?

It sits to the left of the duodenum. look in the link I will make below.

How do curved lines make a persons body look?

it makes them look like a glass coke bottle which is appealing to some men and women

What is a guy thinking when he looks at you at least three times on a daily basis and why is he always looking?

You are probably cute and/or have some attractive curves. He's looking because he's interested. Make it easy for him -- look back and smile.

How a man change his body into a woman?

You cannot. Hormones and plastic surgery can make you look like a woman, but you would have to be a woman already. That is why transsexual persons get the surgery, to make the body match who they already are.