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Q: How can you get motor oil leak spots out of a concrete carport floor?
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How To Clean Concrete Floors?

Cleaning concrete floors does not have to take tons of your valuable time. With the right information, you can give a fresh look to any sealed or unsealed concrete floor you clean.Put down kitty litterUnless your concrete floor is sealed, you may have large spots of oil and other substances. These substances are easy to remove by simply laying basic kitty litter over the spot. Rub the kitty litter evenly over the spots with the rough end of a broom. Let the kitty litter sit for a while to absorb all of the substances that are leaving unsightly marks.Sweep up the floorAfter the kitty litter has effectively soaked up any substances lingering in your concrete floor, sweep the entire floor clean of debris. Make sure to sweep and remove as much of the dirt and debris on the floor as possible.Spray the floor with waterNext comes the easy part. Get a water hose, and spray the floor completely with clear water. As you spray the floor, pay special attention to any leftover dirt, which is easily removable with the pressure of the water.Revisit any spots that remainDue to the absorbent nature of concrete, it is possible that some spots may remain. These spots may require you to scrub them with a brush or scouring material. For best results, attempt to revisit the remaining spots while the surface is still wet.Some spots are tougher than others to get out and may require a bit of mild soap to get thoroughly clean. It is much cheaper to clean concrete surfaces yourself than to hire a cleaning service to do it for you. With the help of this guide, you can save time and money while still receiving the same high-quality results.

What are the Brown spots on my new concrete pool?


Can you epoxy over a previously epoxied garage floor?

Yes you can if the existing coating is not peeling and adhered well to the concrete. You will need to sand the entire floor with 220 grit sandpaper and remove the dust before recoating. Make sure any oil or grease spots are removed as well.

How to fix Quikrete epoxy sealer white spots after drying?

I have had success clearing the white spots after the floor is cured by pouring very hot water onto the hard epoxy surface and letting it sit there all day. The hot water will penetrate any pores in the epoxy and moisten the concrete below.At first it will look like the water created dark spots on the epoxy, but the moisture eventually goes away. Wherever the moisture reached, the white spots become clear.You might have to add more hot water to saturate the concrete enough to reach all of the white spots.Saved us from having to redo the floors!

how do i kill mold on concrete?

clean mold on concrete by pressure washing it, you can use a surface cleaner from bestcargurus if the mold build up is on the floor or walls to evenly clean it. If the mold build up is on higher spots, use a telescopic wand from bestcargurus it ensures that youโ€™re safe on the ground while washing your 2 or even 3-story residence.

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Volcanic island chains.

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the floor may simply be wearing away or molding

Why are there gaps at regular spots in the side walk?

They're called "expansion joints". Concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes. The expansion joints allow this to happen without cracking the concrete slab.

Why is your newly refinished hardwood floor showing cloudy spots?

There are several factors that can cause a newly refinished flow to show cloudy spots. They include moisture in the wood, using a poor quality brush, using a roller instead of a brush and over brushing the polyurethane on the floor.

What happens to concrete when there is no expantion gaps?

It will buckle and crack leaving high and low spots with jagged edges in the most severe cases.

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Can hardwood flooring be laid over the existing laminate floor?

It shouldn't be done. Part of the instalation process is testing for humidity and you won't be able to get an accurate reading. It should be places right on top of the concrete floor under the laminate flooring with a layer of padding and vapor barrier plastic in between. I prefer to get them as one piece, less work. Taking out the laminate is also important to identify any uneven spots in the floor and then to fix them. Taking up the laminate is a quick process with the right tool.

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How do you remove leaf imprints in concrete?

The best way would be to resurface the concrete. If don't want to resurface all of it, just purchase a small bag at a local hardware store such as Home Depot or something. Then mix it with water. When you buy your concrete ask the workers to show which tool would be best for smoothing out your concrete. Then just even out those spots where the leaves made their imprints.

How do you install a ceramic tile floor?

It depends, are you installing it on a concrete slab, or on a wood sub floor? If it's on concrete, it's much easier. You first need to clean the concrete floor, remove any paint drops, or anything else that may be giving it an uneven surface. If there is a stress crack in the concrete, or a chip missing, you should go over it with a trowel and some mortar to even it out. In the end, you should have a flat, clean concrete surface. If it's a wood sub floor. You need to first install cement board over the wood sub floor. This is a job in itself. Different cement boards have different installation directions. Typically they consist of laying some mortar over the wood sub floor, then laying down the cement board, screwing it down every 5 inches or so, then taping the seams with fiberglass mesh and mortar. After that the process is the same. Use a trowel to spread some thin set mortar over the concrete or cement board (do small areas at a time, enough to lay 4-6 tile down), pull the trowel in 1 direction so that it's leaving straight lines. Be sure that you are getting 100% coverage, don't miss any spots where the tile is going, otherwise you will create hollow spots under the tile, in turn making weak spots. After that you lay the tile, make sure it's straight and aligned with any walls in the area. Use spacers to space apart the tile. Where the tile ends and meets anther type of flooring such as wood floors, or carpet, you will need an appropriate finishing or transfer strip. After 24 - 36 hours after the tile is installed, you can apply the grout. You use a rubber trowel to spread the grout, let it sit for the specified amount of time, then clean off the excess with a wet sponge. After another 24-36 hours, you should seal the grout to keep it looking new, clean, and most importantly keep moisture out (especially important in bathrooms).

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Can you lay laminated flooring on a suspended floor?

As long as it is solid and has no high or low spots greater than 3/16". ABSOLUTELY!

How can you clean brown spots on vinyl floor covering?

Depending on what caused the brown spots, usually mineral sprits will remove most spots without damaging the surface. if the spots are under the wear layer then you may have moisture under it. If its under a rubber backed throw rug, then the surface is stained and I'm not sure that there is a cure for that. Try the mineral sprits and see if that helps.

What is the consistancy of floor leveler need to be?

for floor leveler to work properly and effectively it should be a little thinner than paint when you are stirring it. this will let it flow to the low spots needed to cover the floor properly. floor leveler's are quick drying and shouldn't be kept waiting to pour, as soon as you mix it up pour it or you will waste it.