How can you get music from iTunes library onto your iPod?

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In iPod, iTunes
First you highlight the songs that you want to download (press shift and move up or down while holding the left mouse button to highlight several items). Then you release mouse button then click and hold left mouse button. Drag to your iPod.
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How do you transfer songs from your iTunes music library onto your iPod mini?

make sure that the device is plugged in so it shows in your tool bar on the left the 'device' option. after that click on it and at the very bottom there will be a thing that says automatically fill from: (then gives you the option of where you wanna get the music from. choose the play list you want ( Full Answer )

How do you put ipod music on to your itunes library from a different computer without erasing?

Answer . Step 1, Networking tow computers. If you do not know how to Network Windows with Mac OS X, go there:. . Step2, Go to preferences, under the sharing tab, enable "Share library..." and "Look for shared libraries..." on both computers.. ( Full Answer )

How do you put the music from itunes onto your ipod?

Its simple in theory but can be complex in practice. Your Ipod intructions will tell you but if you have lost them go to the Apple web site and look up in the help pages. In theory you simply connect the ipod to your PC or Mac with the sync/charging cable provided but suggest you get the instruction ( Full Answer )

How do you get your itunes music onto your ipod nano?

Ok, you go to file, look for the option to sync music onto your iPod (Nano, Touch, any kind) and click sync music and it will put all the music on the computer onto the iPod, no matter the type.

How do you import music from a Ipod onto a different computers Itunes?

Don't listen to the first two posts. Follow one of the methods below. Note: Will not transfer playlists, you will have to re-create them. Transferring iTunes Music Method #1: Download Senuti or iDump or any other similar software from (for free). (The following steps are tail ( Full Answer )

How do you get a movie onto itune onto a iPod?

iPod can only play mp4 videos. If your videos are the right videos,you can transfer them to iPod directly with iTunes. If your videosare not the right formats, you need to convert them to iPod MP4formats with a converter.

I just got a new computer I'm not able to get my old itunes how do i get the music from my old iPod onto the itunes?

connect your iPod and open iTunes. control-click or right click on the iPod and select Transfer Purchases. note that this will only work with your purchased music. to get all of your music and other media transfered, back up iTunes to CD, or copy the files to an external hard drive, then connect the ( Full Answer )

How do you get iTunes music onto a CD?

you go to the burn selection on itunes andput in A black CD ang put all the music you want then press "burn disk" you should be good to go!1

How can you get music onto your ipod without itunes?

If you have done the jailbreak hack and have cydia you can download an app called Dtunes from cydia. it costs money to get but on youtube there are plenty of videos that explain how to get them for free. its very east to get free. in order to use dtunes you need a wifi connecton

How do you get songs off your ipod onto your itunes library?

All that you gotta do is first, connect your ipod. When you connect it you open up itunes and then go to the ipod songs and find the song. You drag the song to the itunes library. It might be a little confusing at first but you'll find the 'library' thing right about the ipod music.

How do you export music from your ipod onto iTunes or back to iTunes?

If you purchased the music from itunes you can click on "file" and then go to "transfer purchases" A magic Mac iPod to iTunes, iPod Rip for Mac , which makes it easy to backup iPod and iPod touch, copy music, videos, movies and photos from iPod to Mac and Mac to iPod. This iPod to iTunes Mac ca ( Full Answer )

How do you get tunebite music onto iTunes?

Tunebite re-records copy protected audio and saves it in a range of formats. Providing the saved material is in a format compatible with iTunes you can drag the saved files into the iTunes library.

How can you copy music from your iPod to your iTunes library?

Yes you can transfer music from your ipod to your itunes library, go to They let you transfer a limited amount of songs for free and then you must pay to download them all. I used it last week and it transferred all of my songs into my itunes library.

Can you download music onto iTunes?

Yes either click on iTunes store or go into music minimize then click and drag in. Most files downloaded elsewhere or from your CD's can also be used in iTunes. You can add files from your computer locally.

How do you get you're itunes music onto you're ipod touch without a computer?

There is only one way around this solution, but it is very tedious work. When you buy a song on the iTunes app, and enter your iTunes password, it will have you download it for free since you already bought it in iTunes before (keep in mind that you repeat the process for every individual song you ( Full Answer )

How do you get iPod games from iTunes onto an iPod?

go onto itunes while your ipods connected the it should show a menu above the picture of your ipod. where it says games go to it check any boxes you need to and press sync. Hope this helps

How do you get songs on your ipod into your iTunes library?

Connect your iPod to your computer. If the songs that you want to put on your iTunes library have been purchased from the iTunes store, right-click on the iPod icon and click on the option "Transfer Purchases." All of your purchased items on your iPod will be transfered. If you don't want a certain ( Full Answer )

How do you put your itunes library onto your ipod?

For brand iPods it's fairly simple. Connect the iPod to your computer using the USB cable normally provided with said device. The device should automatically begin syncing with your library and transferring the songs over. For other mp3 players this may require more steps. Use the instruction man ( Full Answer )

How do you get music onto an iTunes playlist?

Having created a new Playlist in the left hand column you can click on a music title from your library listed in the main window on the right and drag it onto the new playlist.

How can you put music from your iPod onto itunes?

Just connect you'r iPod to computer/laptop via the USB cable and then click on the little sign that's shows the name and type of you'r iPod and then there should be a button that says "sync", click that and then wait for it to finish it

How do you get your music and apps that are on your iPod back onto iTunes?

You have to sync your iPod into your computer ( comes with computer charger ). You'll need iTunes and it will ask to sync ( you click yes ) and it will sync. If you get a new app or song, or whatever onto your iPod; sync it so you don't loose it. You can download iTunes from the Apple website. You'l ( Full Answer )