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the best thing i can tell you is to find someone else.someone who isn't gonna play games with you.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 22:20:25
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Q: How can you get over a guy who you really like if he doesn't like you although he said he used to but he now denies it but still acts like he likes you?
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You really like this guy who looks you in the eyes and smiles whenever you talk to him but he denies that he likes you what do you do?

Talk to him about it

How do you know if the girl you like denies she doesnt like you in front of everyone?

She said so in front of everyone and by definition that includes you. If she "denies" that she "doesnt" like you, she confirms that she does likes you however this does not mean that she loves you or is seeking a friendship. It simply means that she does not dislike you. well i kno a girl not gonna say her name but she denies me all the time and calls me a "friend" :[

How can you get your friends to date I have a friend who really likes this boy and i know he likes her back but he's always stubborn and denies it so how can get him to admit and get them together?

make them kiss :)

When a boy likes you and tries to get your attention does that mean he really likes you or he wants to really dig in?

Being a guy, he probably wants to have sex with you. But that doesnt mean he doesnt really like you. You shouldn't reject a guy just because he wants sex.

How can you tell if a guy likes you if you haven't really talked to him too much?

he doesnt

What does it mean when she says I'll think about it?

she has a bf but kindda likes u or doesnt really want 2 go out with him anymore, her friend likes you, you not as popular as her, she likes you but doesnt wanna show that shes soooo happy cuz she doesnt know how much u like her, she thinks you might not really like her and just want a gf, or she likes you and someone else and wants to think it through =D

What do you do if a guy doesnt know if he likes you and you still really like him?

Just tell him how you feel!

What do you do when your best fiend told that your boy friend doesnt really likes you?

Ask him if this is true.

You know of this one guy who is nice and flirty sometimes to a girl but then teases her it made the girl feel really upset although she likes him back why does he do that to her?

he doesnt mean to hurt them. hes joking around...

Will a boy askme out who i really like?

it depends on if he likes you back. if he doesnt then no but u have to find that out first.

What is Sarah's favorite song?

she doesnt have one but really likes na na na by mcr

How tall do you have yo be to date nick Jonas?

it doesnt really matter how tall you are. it just matters if he likes you. and basically, he likes all of his fans.

What do you say to a boy that really likes you but you dont really like him?

just tell him the truth he will understand. if doesnt show him that your not the right person for him.

What is going on if you are really into this girl and she acts like she likes you but constantly denies it turns you down and dates all of your friends?

Sounds like she does not like you but is trying to be polite.

What a parfum Joe Jonas he likes?

Joe has said that he likes the smell of Vera Wang perfume. YER BUTT NO BUTT HE REALLY DOESNT THO !!!

How do you tell if a girl that says she hates to her friends means it or if likes you?

Well either she doesnt like you or she doesnt want to admit to her friends that she likes you. Try talking to her away from her friends. If she is really friendly she does like you. If she is distant or tries to get away from you fast then you know she doesnt like you.

How can a girl get a guy to like her?

You can. If he likes you he likes you. If he doesnt then he doesnt. Sorry that's all i got

What is Sarah hicktons favorite song?

she doesnt have one but really likes na na na by mcr

How do you know he likes you when one moment hes acting like he likes you in the next hes saying he doesnt?

He's just trying to play hard to get. Ignore him and he will come to you if he really likes you.

If a boy really likes you will he kiss your lips or your cheek?

Not neccesarily either. If he does kiss you at all it doesnt definitely mean he likes you, but if he doesnt kiss you it does not mean he doesnt like you. Some guys are just shy, and most of the shy guys will dump you if you pressure him. Every boy is different.

What if a guy you like likes your bff?

Hardestt possible situation. For starters, find out if ur bff likes him too. If she does, then you cant really do anything. If she doesnt , then your in with a chance. If she doesnt like him back, then maybe drop the hint that u like him.

He says he loves you like his best friend?

He really doesnt mean it. Ha actually really likes you he is just too nervous to tell you that he really loves you!<3

How can you tell if a young boy likes you?

simple one tease you two:he does something to make you laugh when you ask him he denies that he likes you

What does it mean when a guy looks for you in a room and gets jealous and pulls guys away from you but denies he likes you?

He likes you. Almost guaranteed.

What do you do if you like a guy who is also a really good friend of yours but you know he doesnt like you back because he talks to you about this girl he likes but she doesnt like him back?

you get a life