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He's not too scared to start over! If he were to dump hiws wife for you, a few years down the road he'll do the same to you. Get over him and move on before it's too late. He's married! He will not commit to you and the wife deserves to have her man to herself. He and his wife signed a contract when they got married, if he is cheating on her, he is not trustworthy. Do you really want that type of guy anyway? Let's say he divorced her and married you, you could never fully trust him. He will likely get bored with you and have another girl on the side.....just like he did with his wife. Cut ties now and don't communicate, see him or anything. Time will play a part in your healing and next time, find a man who is available! Answer You may never be sure whether he truly loves you or its just lust because of your body and your beauty. THere is no way if he is married that he can prove to you that he truly in love with you. If i can be honest. For him taking a step to get married, gives an assurance for him that he wants to be fully committed to one partner and that he is responsible and accountable for her. YOu need to question yourself if that kind of a relationship is real or not. what is it that attracted him to you while he has someone else in his heart. It is not possible to love two people at the same time. YOu must be careful, take a stand and forget about that relationship. it will not go anywhere. Someone before this answer said in case he decides to divorce the current wife and marries you, he will do the same to you too. Know God and move on

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Q: How can you get over a married man whom you really love and he really loves you and he's not happy or in love with his wife but he's too scared to start over?
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