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You need to speak to him and tell him to stop coming in and out of your life as it is not fair on you, tell him you are trying to get over him and his constant chopping and changing of behaviour is not helping. Put his in his place, and don't let him keep hurting you. You need to separate from him completely until you are able to get over him otherwise this could become an obsession for you, and ruin your life. Try and move on, and don't obsess over what has passed, think of it as as life experience. Focus on your own life, career, education, health etc.

AnswerThis is an ex of 6 YEARS!He is part of your past.It is really hard to let go but this was something you should have done a LOOONG time ago...Focus on now.Tell this guy to leave you alone once and for all.You have to stop seeing him and erase everything about him.Do not leave a trace of him.He isn't worth it. If he cared about you as much as you care about him, he wouldn't do this to you.Leave him in the past from this day forward and remember him as a good memory that was happy while it lasted.Every sunrise symbolizes a new begining.. watch the next sunrise by yourself. Think, think, think. Now begin this day with new happy things. What do you want to do today?ask yourself. Then do it..
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Q: How can you get over an ex of 6 years who you are still in love with if he keeps coming in and out of your life and says he wants to be friends but he's in a different relationship already?
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