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as a female, i know it bothers you ALOT! but, act like you dont care. that simple. everytime you come across him, be lauging and talking to your friends or even better your new boyfriend. if your alone act like your on the phone with someone important. whatever you do, dont let him see you hurt! Also when you see him, speak to him happily. Make him THINK he did you a favor by walking away.

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When you break up after a year and he just wants to be in a platonic relationship with you is it worth it?

No. its not worth being in a platonic relationship with a person after break up because may be he's just trying to revenge.

What if your friend wants to go with your girlfriend?

Be flattered as she is with you however, be weary and keep an eye on him that he isn't trying to do anything behind your back to break you up. If you find he is trying to sabotage your relationship - friends don't do that to friends and that would indicate he is not much of one.

Twin B still trying to get with Tulisa and break up her relationship?

No he isn't. He may like her but he knows that she's off limits so isn't trying to break up her relationship.

How do i break up your friends relationship?

To break up a friends relationship first off isn't the best thing to do considering they are your friend but if you don't want to be their friend then keep reading. To do it is very simple. Say to each of the people in the relationship that the other is going to break up with them so that they will break up with that person before. another way is to flirt with your friends other to win them over. I hope this was a help~!

Is it OK to be friends right after the break up?

Actually it's better to make friends with the one you have break-up it increases your relationship with one another.

Trying to quit drugs because they are bad for you but you have friends that still use?

Hi There, You are trying to break free.. so do it and look for new friends. John

If your boyfriend is trying to break up with you how do you know?

he is trying to stay away from you or does have interest in you. also remember how he was at the beginning of the relationship to now

Is Sasuke friends with Naruto in Shippuden?

yes they are friends. sasuke just tries his best to avoid naruto - break the bond, so he can get stronger and focus on his revenge.

Should you still talk to your friends with benefits after your in a relationship?

This all depends on how the break up was. Sometimes you guys will just perfect friends after a break up like this. I suggest that you sit down and talk to her about this.

What steps can one take to prevent revenge from an ex girlfriend?

The best way to prevent revenge from an ex girlfriend is to have an amicable break up. Do not bad mouth the ex, do not make her look bad in front of her friends.

What is he best revenge to get on your teenage ex boyfriend?

I'm 14 and have just got out of a relationship with someone who cheated on me so i can see where you're coming from with wanting to get revenge, but to be honest the best revenge is making him think that your not bothered about the break up, then when he comes running back to you, you can turn your back on him!

What do you do when your bf's best friend is trying to break you up?

You try to make friends with him and be kind to him and just be kind

How do you break up a friends relationship?

just tell them you dont want to be friends no more

How do you break off a friends with benefits relationship?

Tell the person you want to take the benefits away and just be friends, but if you don't want to be friends with him/her just use regular 'break up' lines. NOTHING CLICHÉ THOUGH... BE CREATIVE :) Goodluck Bro

She said were just friends but she used to fancy me but she has a boyfriend now how can i get her when the break up?

Simply be there for her when her relationship starts to crumble.

What would you do if you are friends of a young couple who wants to break up there relationship?

Stay out of it. It's their business and no one else's.

Can HPV break up a relationship?

Anything can break up a relationship. What will break up a relationship depends on the two people involved.

How do you break to friends up?

It's hard breaking up with friends, like me and my sort of best friend we were close but she started being mean and hitting me and makeing me do stuff for her I got so fed up. I just texted her about what she was doing but she carryed on ignoring me. The best thing for you to do is tell them that ....... Wait a min your trying to break up some eles's relationship so you can have the boy/girl.

If you and your boy bff start to go out does that mean that it will ruin our friendship?

It depends on how strong your relationship is and how long you have been friends. The stronger it is and the longer you have been friends the more likely is that it won't affect your relationship, even if you break up.

What is the meaning of when you take a break in a relationship?

it gives you a break for one another, gives you a chance for other options, hobbies and meet more people to be friends with. Its kind of a relieve.

How can get out of a boring relationship?

If you're trying to improve a relationship that's down the drain, I personally think that that relationship isn't working out. Relationships are supposed to be fun! If yours is boring, I think you should just break it off

You are a teen trying to break up with your boyfriend How do you do it?

it depends on how you want the outcome to look do you wanna be friends or are you trying to remove him completely............... lol if you are a teen you could say your coming out of the closet

How do you catch your boyfriend in a lie about cheating on you?

It seems you don't trust this person, if not, break up with him. Don't sneak around trying to "catch" him in a lie. You either trust a person or you don't. Trust is the primary factor in a relationship. You also are not married to him and can't control him. He has a right to friends as you do. Again, break up with him if you feel you can't trust him.

How do you get a guy to break up with their girlfriend?

Listen, if you guys are friends... just let the relationship play out and see what happens, don't be a Jerk!

Did tyler perry and gelila bekele break up?

They never dated. They are simply good friends. Gelila is in a relationship with Ronnie Madras.