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The lottery has long been called, indelicately so, a tax on stupid people. Unless you'd walk up to a roulette table and place your money blindly on a bet every week expecting to win each time, don't play the lottery. The odds at roulette are vastly better. No matter the strategy or the particular lottery game, in the end it comes down to blind luck and odds.

Better to take the money you'd spend on the lottery and invest it into a tailored account that will increase your retirement earnings.

answerWin it. (not easy).


The easiest way to get rich from the state lottery is to take the moneyyou use to play the lottery and put it into a low-cost index fundinstead. I guarantee you'll be far richer this way than you'll ever getplaying the lottery.

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2011-09-13 05:01:00
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Q: How can you get rich from the state lottery?
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