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Check the bolts and brackets. the bolts may be losening up. Also the brackets can become wraped from excessive weight on the door. As a temporary fix, find a gap and try placing some sticky foam insulation to pad it... also try to find where it's rubbing and place it there.


answer sounds like hinge pins are worn out replacement pins are available for all makes and models at auto stores cut the old one out and istall new one generally dont need to remove hinge to do this

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What would make a noise like liquid moving coming from passenger door?

The door has drains in the bottom to allow rain water to drain out, perhaps the drains are plugged up with debris and the door has water collected.

You have water coming into passenger side of your vauxhall combo?

common fault on corsa combo, it the passenger door seal fella.

What makes a wind noise coming fom the drivers door?

ur gap in ur door is higher then ur fender so air catches in there as u drive creating the noise

What is the use of rubber gasket in door?

On a car, it isolates the air, dust, noise, and moisture outside the vehicle from the passenger compartment.

What is buzzing noise when passenger door locks 94 merc grand marquis?

More than likely the gears are stripping on the door lock actuator and will soon fail to work.

Passenger dash and door speaker is not working?

Passenger dash and door speaker is not working?

Where is the passenger side b pillar?

The pillar between the right front passenger door and the right rear passenger door

What is the buzzing noise when you first open the driver's door on a 2004 beetle?

The fuel pump coming on. Most cars prime the pump when you turn the key on, but VW does it when you open the door.

What sound does a door makes?

A door makes acreaking noise

What is a whistle noise coming from front driver side area while driving?

The most likely cause of the whistling noise is loose or worn weather stripping around the door. If this is the case, the sound heard is the wind.

What is the grinding noise on the right side of my 2001 mustang GT with front passenger?

if it is when u are driving it might be thr door or the speaker or if it is closer to the front of the car possibly the transmission

There is a noise from the rear passenger side of my vw diesel sharan when stopped could this be a problem with the turbo?

Does it happen when it is cold outside, if so it could be the secondary heater which runs on after the engine is switched off, it is located below the rear nearside passenger door.

What is the alarm coming from your dashboard?

Are you referring to a beeping noise or an actual alarm noise?If it is a beeping noise it could be a door open or head light on alert. Are there any indication lights showing up on your dash? If so, check your vehicles owners manual for some more insight.

Why won't passenger door on passenger side rear open?

Either control switch is enabled on driver's door...or child switch on the insideof door (where it latches) is enabled

What are the examples of a kernel sentence?

Example:Kernel sentence:The man investigated the noise.Then:The tall, dark-haired man investigated the screeching noise.The tall, dark-haired man fearlessly investigated the screeching noise.The tall, dark-haired man from next door fearlessly investigated the screeching noise.The tall, dark-haired man from next door, who moved in yesterday, fearlessly investigated the screeching noise which was coming from the car.

How would you get an electric shock if you touch a door knob?

By rubbing your feet on the carpet then touch the door knob

Computer noise door slam?

A computer noise that sounds like a door slamming is common on AOL and AOL instant messenger. This noise was to let you know your friends signed off line.

Why did 1940 ford truck have passenger only door lock cylinders?

Because back then, all you did was parallel park so you would slide out of the passenger side and out the passenger side door since it was to the curb. Then you could lock your door and not be in traffic.

How do you adjust passenger door from rattling over bumps?

The passenger door can be adjusted from rattling over the bumps by adjusting the rubber nozzles. The rubber nozzles are usually located on the hatch door.?æ

Can you lock a Renault espace 1997 manually?

yes, you need to close drivers door, open passenger door and use central locking button, then close passenger door and use key.

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