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Check the bolts and brackets. the bolts may be losening up. Also the brackets can become wraped from excessive weight on the door. As a temporary fix, find a gap and try placing some sticky foam insulation to pad it... also try to find where it's rubbing and place it there.

answer sounds like hinge pins are worn out replacement pins are available for all makes and models at auto stores cut the old one out and istall new one generally dont need to remove hinge to do this

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Q: How can you get rid of a 'rubbing' noise coming from the passenger door?
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You have water coming into passenger side of your vauxhall combo?

common fault on corsa combo, it the passenger door seal fella.

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ur gap in ur door is higher then ur fender so air catches in there as u drive creating the noise

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More than likely the gears are stripping on the door lock actuator and will soon fail to work.

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Passenger dash and door speaker is not working?

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