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How can you get rid of bees around your hot tub?

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The quickest and easiest method I have found for getting rid of a bee is to simply wait till it lands on a flat surface, put a glass over it, then feed a piece of card or something similar under the glass, creating an instant cage. This can then be transported to wherever you want to put the bee.

AnswerI have a big problem with bees and my spa, and the scope is way beyond glass jars and paper, as is that of the question's author, I suspect. But thanks for trying to be helpful. I have done a little research. Bees come to hot tubs / pools for water. Once they establish the tub as a supply, there may be at least 20 flying around at any given time. The worst part is, if they can get under your cover, they die in the water, which leads to huge contamination issues. If enough get in there in the spring, you can even get posion ivy from the oil they leave on the surface. No kidding! If you know your neighbor keeps bees, make sure they have provided a water supply. If you know of a wild bee hive around, have it removed. Otherwise, you can try providing them an alternate water source, or sealing the cover down tight. Other that that, I'm open to suggestions. AnswerThe bees are after water to cool their hive. You may try putting out an alternate source for them so they won't get into your hot tub and drown. I would suggest filling a shallow pan or birdbath with some sand, then add water so it is just above the level of the sand. Bees will find this attractive because they can than drink without falling in. Place this source near to your hot tub (in the shade if possible). After a day or two of hot weather, move it gradually away from the hot tub a few feet at a time. AnswerThis is an update from the person who provided the second Answer on the list. I've since installed an ozonator on my spa, and my water stays sparkling clean all the time now. Though I still have many honybees around my yard/tub in the early summer, they mostly don't get under the cover now, which was my main concern. They go after the condensed water on the cover and spillage around the tub only. AnswerIf you have any flowers or sweet smelling plants around your jacuzzi this will most certainly attract bees (they pollinate.) Remove these flowers (pot them and put them further away from the jacuzzi) and if there are bushes that are sweet smelling move them to another part of your property. This should work, but, if you have wasps (long and gold/black stripes and not fat and round like the bee) then you may need a bug zapper from any hardware store. Bees aren't apt to sting unless you accidently step or lean on them, but wasps will sting without any warning.

Good luck Marcy

I tried all the suggestions above unsuccessfully. I live near apple and cherry orchards and have an 8x8 jacuzzi with a hard top, seamed down the middle. What I found that does work is buying a 25 foot roll of screen door material from Home Depot or Lowes and rolling it over the seam, double thickness. Bees do not go around the edges and after a few days they are gone, off to some one else' pool or spa.

2010-04-25 07:46:25
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Q: How can you get rid of bees around your hot tub?
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