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How can you get rid of cellulite?


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March 12, 2013 4:30PM
  • Lose weight. Beyond that, there are skin resurfacing therapies as well as lotions that have been shown to help.
  • Unfortunately cellulite is permanent, however you may be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite with methods like:
  • Massage
  • Creams
  • Laser treatment
  • Tanning
  • Weight loss
  • Building muscle
  • Probably the best thing to do is keep a balanced diet and stay fit and healthy. Some people are more disposed to getting the problem than others. Don't trust any pills or treatments which say they will definitely get rid of cellulite. Nothing exists which can do that, at the moment anyway.
  • Losing weight will help if combined with proper diet and exercise. I lost 15 lbs at one time trying to just rid my self of cellulite I was 95 lbs at the time and cellulite was still there. I was discouraged and I had used the treadmill, still no change. What I finally realized after buying a elliptical machine, supplements, glucosamine, special routine, I did finally reduce cellulite.