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Quite honestly, barring all other answers here, your first action should be to go directly to the doctor. A general practitioner, family doctor or pediatrician (depending on your age), is suggested. There is a cornucopia of illnesses that directly cause swollen ankles. If I were you, I would rule out the possibilities of a serious illness before you worry about the cosmetic appearance of your ankles.

sometimes being skinny doesnt mean you are in shape. you can definently slim down your ankles with three months of consistent effort. start with calf raises on a step, and daily sprint training. "suicides"are a simple sprint traing method that will tone your ankles, quads and butt with a quickness. buy a jump rope and jump till you cant jump no more at least four times a week. carido is key. i know you say you are skinny and im sure you are thin but you can still burn fat and gain muscle. remember being skinny isn't being in shape. when you get done running your fist half marathon I'll bet ya' your ankles will be thin and sculpted. good luck!  
Accept them.There is absolutely nothing you can do for fat ankles.They are there for life.I have them and it totally sucks, often I feel like a mutant.And Ballet shoes are in this year.But so are wedges.Anyway try to focus on the positive, thin waist, cut arms.Most girls these days have fat guts-those are harder to hide.  
i never had "fat ankles" until i got in my late teens, i guess its hereditory as my mum has them too. its more so excess fat around the bottom half of the calf/shin bone starting at the ankle bones but i HATE it. lately i have started walking slightly different (by putting pressure on the outsides of my feet instead of using the whole sole of my foot ) and i have started to notice the outside lower front bits of my shins begining to tone down...thank god! when on an exercise bike only have your toes on the pedals as this will get ur ankles moving more and help a little as well.  
You could have edema (water retention).
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Q: How can you get rid of fat ankles when you are really skinny otherwise?
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