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"You can try putting up screens. It should help." This is a stupid answer, if we were all morons this might be helpful. I believe you want to rephrase your question for these morons online to understand, like this: "How do I get rid of frogs already in my home? (presumably hiding behind furniture and such)" And sadly I have the same problem so I got no answer either. 'But helpful answers would be 1. Ways to bait them or attract them out from hiding places. 2. ways to make the places they choose to hide unbearable so they will come out where you can then catch them and put them outside. 3. ways to prevent them from re-entering

And the last one I can answer any cleaning chemical or even possibly natural cleaning supplies spray all doorways and even porch if it won't damage it with them regularly once a week at least every day works better or every other day. and they will not cross that spray they don't like clean smells. (go figure they live in swamps mainly the dirtiest places on earth.)

1&2: The best solution is have a cat that hunts and just wait until they draw them out they hopped behind the tv in my house and I could not get rid of them, but then after hours searching the internet for ways to get rid of them, simply waiting would have worked the cats quickly found and started playing and hunting them until they were out in the open where I took a disposable cup and lid and did the old cup and slide to capture them then I simply threw them out side where they go started leaving the porch light off and using a key light instead and sprayed the door seals with a mild cleaner they have not come back I have sprayed the door seals every week at least though.

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Q: How can you get rid of frogs that are coming in your house and in your kitchen if you live in Mississippi?
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