How can you get rid of spiders in your house without any danger to your 3-year-old and newborn sons?

well, if you can go out for 4 hours with your kids, you can let off a bug bomb, killing all bugs in your house, just fallow the instruction and cover things like dishes, toothbrushes etc. I use an item you can buy at Lowes, Home depot. It's really a mouse trap, it has this really sticky substance on it and when something wlks on it it sticks to it. I don't have mice but I do have a lot of spiders and this thing works great for trapping spiders plus other insects. Just place them around the house, garage etc. and let it do the work. No smelly or unsafe chemicals either. Put a small amount of diazanon in your vacuum bag and then vacuum up the spiders you find. When my children were small, we had "jumping spiders" near the back door. We left them alone, since they eat bugs that come into the house. They did not have webs and the kids were fine with them. However, if you are finding poisonous ones, such as brown recluse, then you should consider having a pest company come in to eliminate them.