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wash it offIf it has already stained your skin, there is not much you can do. Washing your hands carefully with nail polish remover will probably make it go away. After that, you should wash your hands again about five times with lots of soap and warm water to get the acetone off of your skin.

Wash your hand with soap and water repeatedly until it goes away. I put some on my face and woke up bright orange lol this got rid of it

Lemon juice salt and a loffa scrub scrub scrub


"ST Tropez" tan remover, good stuff.

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Q: How can you get rid of sunless tanning lotion that accidentally gets on your hands?
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How do you get rid of orange hands from self tanning lotion?

After you rub the lotion on, you should immediately wash your hands with soap and water, then wipe with a baby wipe. For some reason your hands and feet tend to show more color.

Which products of sunless tanning would you recommend?

There are two directions you can go with sunless tanning, you can go with bronzers and so-called wash off products or you can opt to go with products that actually stain the skin. Lotions are good because you don't need a second set of hands, but sprays have a tendency to dry quicker. Jergens Natural Glow can be purchased at a drug store or mass merchandiser and is cost effective. Another highly recommended product is Sephora's Body Intense Moisturizing Bronzing Lotion.

What are some harmful effects of sunless tanning?

Your knees and hands can turn orange. Allergic reaction is another harmful effect. Also, you may look tan, but you won't have protection when you are out in the sun.

How do you use sunless tanner?

If it is a spray, then you just spray some on. But make sure not to spray to much; unless you are planning on being VERY dark. Also make sure to wash your hands whether you are using the sunless tanner lotion or spray. For the lotion make sure that you rub it in good and make it balanced because you never want one leg darker then the other.

Can you give me a sentence for the word lotion?

I rubbed lotion on my hands because my skin was dry.

How do you get rid of wrinkly hands?

I put on lotion

How do you heal dry cracked hands?

To heal dry cracked hands you have to put lotion on at least three or four times a day until they are healed and you don't want to put on scented lotion. Put on lotion that is normal.I would recondmend Equate Daily Moisturizing lotion.

How do you treat hard skin on hands?

Try lotion.

You get these itchy burning bubbles on your ankles and hands from tanning what are they?

These are heat blisters. Heat blisters appear before you become burned (as in touching fire, not "sunburned"). Next time, stay in the bed/booth for a shorter period of time, and use a moisturizing tanning lotion. If you use a "tingle" lotion, wait until after you have hit your tanning plateau, as it may cause blistering beforehand. In the mean time, you can treat them with regular Aloe; the kind that comes in a big bottle of green gel. It will keep the itching from bothering you too much, and hydrate your burned skin.

Why do your hands always ache?

Not everyones hands ache If they do ache Um I think you have to put lotion on them

How does hand lotion make your hands smooth?

Hand lotion makes your hands smooth by using natural softeners. You may find that Aloe Vera is in some hand lotions, believe it or not, Aloe moistens your skin. By adding moisture to your hands you get softer hands.

Can hand sanitizer give you sunburn if you put it on before tanning and while tanning?

Only if it removes the sunblock you have already applied to your hands.

Is there a way to get softer hands?

YES! Use lotion daily:)

What should you do if your hands sweat all the time?

Apply lotion.

Yesterday I got my first Spray Tan everything is tan but my hands what do I do?

Apply drugstore gradual tanning lotion (get whatever color closest matches your new tan) and apply it to the backs of your hands over night. This will help darken the skin but you won't have to worry about matching the skin tones precisely like you would if you used a full on self tanning lotion. Applying it at night will ensure even coverage, and wearing a glove (if you can stand it) can also help; plus you won't get any on your bed things! If all else fails a little liquid bronzer rubbed on the back of your hands can help, but this won't look near as natural and could potentially rub off.

What are the ingredients of Cetaphil Lotion?

Cetaphil lotion contains oil, fragrance and preservatives. Cetaphil is a lotion that is especially good for very dry hands and legs because it does not have an oily feel.

Hands from drying out?

Use Lotion when u wake up and when u go 2 bed baby lotion might work

Why do your hands get dry if you wash them lots?

Because all the oil in your hands get washed out and gets the moisture out of your hands. If that happens, Use some lotion.

What does it mean when someone says you have soft hands not in sports term?

they mean your hands are soft, like you put lotion on.

What to do when palm of your hands start to peel?

You could use a light sugar or salt scrub, and then put lotion on your hands.

How do you get lotion feeling off your hands?

Run warm water on ur hands until you don't fell it nomore

What do you do with real dry hands?

With really dry hands, it is important to moisturize with lotion that is specifically designed for dry skin.

What do you do if you cough or sneeze into your hands?

If you accidentally sneeze or cough into your hands, then you should wash your hands immediately to prevent the spread of germs.

Can a tablet be damaged inside when it falls accidentally from your hands?


How do you make your hands feel softer?

use lots of mostrizer and hand lotion