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How can you get skinny and fit in about two months?

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i need more information of age weight height male/female heart problem i need more information of age weight height male/female heart problem your daily meal including all snack ,drink etc

2006-08-24 19:55:04
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Q: How can you get skinny and fit in about two months?
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How fit do you to be to join gymnastics?

skinny but not to skinny

Why did Paris Hilton become so skinny?

she didnt eat for two months

What is the difference between skinny and fit?

You can be skinny- yet not fit- no muscle, upper body strength, etc.

What is the difference in slim fit and regular fit men's pants?

slim fit is for fat guys who cant fit in skinny jeans but i don't recommend skinny jeans.

How do you become skiny for cheerleader?

All you have to do is work out, eat heathier, and get fit. you dont have to be skinny skinny you just have to be fit. on some teams they have cheerleaders that are on the heavy side, but there on the team because there fit and can dance and be helpful on the u dont have to be skinny skinny just FIT! :p- Cheerleader Captian

Is being skinny important?

Being physically fit is important. Being skinny, no.

Are Men's American Eagle slim straight fit jeans skinny jeans?

Not really skinny, but way less baggy than regular fit.

How do you keep skinny jeans skinny?

Shrinking them in the wash helps if they're too large. Otherwise, just dont rip them? They're made to fit tightly on you...Even if they stretch they should still be the skinny fit.

If im pregnant and skinny will my body show it so soon?

If you are skinny you will show around two months. It takes skinny people longer to show then women who are already fat. You shouldn't gain more than fifty pounds during a pregnancy.

Why is being skinny the only way to get a boyfriend or guys to even speak to you?

Because we like fit or skinny girls

How do you stay skinny forever?

Eat healthy and stay fit

What should you where a scarf with?

some super skinny fit jeans

How fit is Selena Gomez?

she is really skinny right now.

What do you notice about 'skinny' rectangles?

"Skinny" rectangles have two of their opposite sides being much longer than their other two sides.

Are skinny jeans really that great?

Skinny jeans are trendy and very popular. The answer to your question varies from person to person, but I think skinny jeans are very versatile and fit great.

Grrls What type fit jeans should I wear cuz I'm a guy and I want to know what looks good just bought a couple pairs of slim fit jeans from American eagle arnt Skinny Jeans i can wear any jeans im fit?

baggy or skinny skinny if your a fashion geek or baggy if your coolio

Why is Justin Bieber skinny?

maybe because he keeps himself fit ?

How many skinny people can fit in a bathtub?

depends on the size of the bathtub

What are skinny jeans?

skinny jeans are jeans that fit tightly around your ankles or lower legs like it tight from ur waist down

Is you are a vegetarian and skinny how can you gain some muscle in two months?

excercise more on the areas that need it, if arms need more muscle try doing weights

Why are celebrities so skinny?

Because if fans are chasing them they need to be fit to get away

I am pretty tall and skinny so how do I get a six pack?

Go on the wii fit

Is a female skinny body healthy?

No.They should be fit and looking healthy.

Even though I barely fit into skinny jeans should I wear them-and if they are to tight should I go up a size?

Well, if you are overweight, it may not be the best idea to wear them. But it is up to you. If you want them to be really skinny, get the smallest size you can fit into. If you don't care, get the size that feels comfortable. If you want them to be skinny, but not too skinny, get the next size up. Hope this helps. :)

You have been feeding your rabbit lettuce for 6 months and he is starting to get really skinny you think he is sick What should you do And will he die from this?

I have been feeding my rabbit lettuce for about 4 months and he is starting to get really skinny i think he is sick will he die from this?