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How can you get smaller quadriceps?

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lower weight and reps gradually. dont exercise with heavier weights because this build muscle. but stopping immediately is hard for the body. slowly lowering the weight will help to safely lower the size of any muscle.

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What is the job of quadriceps muscle do?

quadriceps muscle do

How do You use quadriceps in a sentence?

My quadriceps are sore. The coach's most dreaded words were, "Prepare to stretch your quadriceps".

Do the quadriceps or the biceps have more motor units?


Why are quadriceps need?

Quadriceps will extend your lower leg.

Is the hamstring anterior to the quadriceps?

No, the hamstring is posterior to the quadriceps.

What is the real name of the quadriceps?

Quadriceps femoris is the scientific name.

What is another name for the quadriceps?

which muscles in the quadriceps are the surface muscles

What are the funtions of the quadriceps?

Quadriceps contracts to extend the knee joint. Rectus femoris, the part of quadriceps flex the hip joint on the thigh.

What diseases are caused by the quadriceps?

Quadriceps is a muscle in a leg, not a cause of disease.

Are the quadriceps femoris smooth muscles?

No, the quadriceps fermoris is a skeletal muscle.

What is a quadriceps contusion?

A bruise on your quadriceps muscle, which is the large muscle in your thigh.

What is the collagenous structure anchoring the quadriceps muscle to the patella?

Quadriceps tendon

What are your quadriceps used for?

Basically, quadriceps are used to extend the lower leg to straighten it.

Is the word quadriceps Greek or Latin?

The word quadriceps is Latin for "four-headed"

How many motor units in a quadriceps?

There are 4 motor units in the quadriceps muscle.

How many groups of quadriceps femoris?

There are 4 groups in the quadriceps femoris muscle.

Are quadriceps and thighs the same thing?

Quadriceps are the muscles in the thighs. But basically yes.

Which is the largest muscle in the human body - Is it gluteus maximus or quadriceps?


What sesamoid bone forms in the quadriceps tendon?

The patella is the bone that forms in the quadriceps tendon.

What is quadriceps inhibition?

Quadriceps inhibition is a fancy term given to the inability to fully activate the quadriceps for whatever reason, the idea being that the quadriceps is "inhibited" in some way. This can occur after knee injury in general and it is specifically associated with ACL injury.

What is the anatomical position of the quadriceps and their location?

The location of the quadriceps is in the upper thigh area kind of by the hip abductors and the anatomical position of the quadriceps is flex-ion. It is located in the front of he upper thigh above the knee.The quadriceps are anterior to the hamstrings.Anterior: In front of

How quadriceps muscle have more units them biceps?

The quadriceps has 4 units while the biceps has 2.

How many parts does the quadriceps consists of?

There are 4 parts in the quadriceps femoris muscle, hence the name.

Is the biceps femoris muscle part of the quadriceps?

No. The Biceps Femoris isn't apart of the quadriceps. The Quadriceps consists of vastus laterallis, vastus intermediallis, vastus, mediallis and rectus femoris.

A weight training exercise to improve or develop quadriceps strength is?

Improve muscle strength not just of the quadriceps